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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. What does every one collect..

    I'm a John Deere fanatic as well as hats of all sorts..
  2. i kinda collect cd's, starting to get a great selection, i have a little bit of everything, a lot of new stuff but others also
  3. i collect books - if that counts. i also collect chimes/windspinners and prisms, old ashtrays and glass, and furniture. man, i love yardsales!!:D
  4. Led Zep patches, and badges, and also sabbath........i collect vinyl as well, got some good ones in there like Pink Floyd-ummagumma.........and the easy rider soundtrack, as well as a few beatles albums, the original star wars soundtrack, and jefferson airplane, bless it's pointed little head.........and the sountrack to a film called "rainbow bridge", that hendrix did.........anyone heard of that film?....i've not seen it................oh and an Elvis gold disc...........don't collect for profit, just for fun.........Peace out.........Sid
  5. Everything,Triumph moter bikes,old cars,we got disney shit in boxes,old chinaware,l got over 1000 key tags,Horse statues and paintings,indian stuff,abouriginal stuff,dog figurines,vhs vidios[300],dvd,s over 100,lol,theres more but that will do :D
  6. used to collect hotwheels cars, i had quite a few...

    and broken pipes! i break a new one every couple months... all my old broken ones are stuck into a bong I made, its got 3 bowls right now... more on the way.
  7. I also collect eagles... Pictureas and thr small statues..

    I love eagles and john deere stuff...
  8. mainly model campers, as thats what ppl awasy buy me, but i have got a large collection of model trams and i just recently added to that with a san franciscan cable car lol, not the same but it fits in

    i did have a collection with bowls but not enuf stash places so as not to rsk it i sold a few just got one now till i move out
  9. i dont really collect anything. If i see something i like ill buy it.

    I have this cool incense burner though, its this skull with glow in the dark teeth and its got the grateful dead bears on it. Only problem is it has no ash catcher, so it kinda makes a mess.
  10. I have a rubberband ball that is quite a bit larger than a softball. It is pure rubberbands! I also collect the state quarters. I probably have approx. $60 worth....not bad.
  11. Bud Head, you sound like my kind of guy==for a while I had 3 tractors--none jjohndeere--a ford 9n, a massey ferg, and a catd2. also old cars, outboard motors, cast iron toys , old time radiator caps, old time phonograph records--cylinder, 78, 45, and LP's. Boats, old computers, and modern American money(joke). There's more but rightnow thats all I can think of. I guess anything I have 3 or more of. Lots.
    If I run out of space , I just add a room or two onto the house. let my kids sort it out later!!! I guess this is some kind of "sickness" but what the fuck--I'm havn' fun!!! That and bein' blazed...:smoking: HOORAY FOR STUFF!!! MORE STUFF AND MORE WEED!!!
  12. I collect clothes (urban)...For some odd reason I can't even figure out, I'm into clothes alot lol :p And...I collect cd' is like my whole life...and I guess I look at my cd's as being my always-reliable form of hearing my music if all else should fail even though I have all my cd's on my computer :d I'm kinda paranoid about them too, whenever I buy a cd, I copy it to my hard drive, burn it...and listen to the burned most of the cd's in my collectioion have never, or rarely been listened to = ]
  13. Lets see, I collect Tickets(concert movie etc), North Face Jackets(kinda, I just got a bunch), Smoking paraphernalia(like the jackets), and cd's(although most are burned). I used to collect import and bootleg cd's too, but now I havn't gotten any news ones lately.
  14. Well, lets see.........

    Close to 200 CDs, about 60 DVD's and about 300 albums my older bro gave me a LONG time ago. ( Me and my G/F built the CD/DVD's over 6 years. ) And a few musical instruments.
    About 50 GI Joes ( the oldest being from around 74 )

    Iron Maiden stuff: All the CDs, the first 5 on album, 3 import albums, an old Jacket with patches, some old hats, ticket stubs, shirts, McFarlane Eddies, an Eddie Jack n the Box, plus a lot more Maiden stuff. Most of the Maiden stuff I got when I was in H.S. a looong time ago

    Saints and Football stuff: Mini helmets, 4 jerseys, candles, bobbleheads, mugs glasses, shirts, jacket. Plus alot more. And a lot of football and baseball cards. Quit collecting baseball cards in the mid 90s. Yes, I'm a Saints fan. Its been a LONG hard, kinda sad, journey for me. So please don't ridicule me.

    Autographs: Most of Maidens ( including Paul DiAnno, and Clive Burr ). BUT I DON'T HAVE BRUCE! Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister. lol Rudy Sarzo, Zak Wylde, Eddie Vedder. Ace Frehely and Paul Stanely on Destroyer album( gift) Tony, Paulie, and Silvio's from the Sopranos. Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, Quite a few Saint autographs on some hats. Archie and Peyton Manning on a special photo thingy. ( Peyton is in his Tenn. uni ) Most of my autographs are bought from a place that specializes in auto's and memerobilia (Sp? ) I got the Saints and most of the Maiden and musicians in person. But most of the rest were bought.

    Oh yeah, I have a bunch of old Star Wars toys in the basement. Action figures, ships, Death Star. I forgot about those....

    I never really thought of myself as collecting them, but I do have a lot of smoking implements. I have about 6 or 7 bongs. ( most of them are broke though ) And at least 10 or 15 pipes that I've picked up through the years.

    This sounds like quite a bit o stuff, until I remember I've been getting most of it as gifts or souveniers and whatnot for over 20 years.

    Oh yeah! I have a water balloon that Ozzy Osbourne hit me with on his Merry Mayhem tour last year. He came in over the crowd in a big Santa sleigh, throwing stuff out. I thought it was shirts and stuff like that. when he got right over us, I was screaming at him and flipping him off. ( with a smile on my face ) lol! He smiled back, creaked his arm back, and smacked me in the face with a water balloon, quicker than you can say 'paranoid' lol

    Sorry for rambeling, I'm a little toasted, and cant shut up!
  15. I collect lots of things but my over-the-top collection goes to my obsession with The Wizard of Oz. I have about everything imaginable when it comes to that movie. Maybe my fascination with it is because I feel I could be a munchkin where I'm only 5ft tall. LOL
  16. Used to collect comics, sold most of them a few years ago.I still collect knives, the coolest one is a hand-made kukri from cambodia that I only paid $7 for, bought it from a "nam" vet who goes there and buys them for $1 each.
  17. i mostly collect celestial things and i love glow in the dark pictures and i collect tunes original and burned :D
    prolly why my PC is sooo damn slow now :smoking:
  18. All kinds of action figures and 12" figures.
    I got the silver screen edition of Nosferatu (first ever dracula)
    from 1928. Max Shrek who played Nosferatu is in black and white movie style. A very cool collectable. For the rest:
    Xena figures, Ozzy figures, Kiss figures, some Spawn, muppets, etc....

    Attached Files:

  19. i collect mcfarlane sports picks, jerry rice football cards, and pipes!
  20. Beer bottles. I have 171 on display in my dining room, only five are domestic. There's some weird ones, like from the Czech Republic, Russia, China, etc. I'd probably have a lot more but my rule is that I have to taste the beer for it to count.

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