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    Who here has seen it? ITS AMAZING. Collapse Movie

    I just watched it through Netflix on my PS3. A very scary and enlightening documentary told by a man who has predicted everything that has happened in the economy lately with the economic crisis.

    I highly reccommend this movie. A great eye-opener that looks at the world at its dependance on oil and currency. The main interviewee is a genius who has been passed by one too many times. He predicted what has and what is happening and knows what is to come.

    Discuss if you have seen it. Ask questions if not, then go watch it.
  2. This documentary and a few others like "A Crude Awakening" are giving me a new perspective on the future. Its really not looking too good peak oil is def. happening. Our current high standard of life was all started by the huge oil boom and industrial boom now that's all declining, oils never going to be as cheap and plentiful as it was before. Whats more real money or oil? Shits never gonna be the same.
  3. Silver and gold are the only "real money". Federal Reserve Notes are only a promise from the government. And we all know what that's worth.
  4. But silver and gold are only worth something because we give it value.

  5. thats why he put quotes around real money.
  6. It's gonna get real fun when water is finally valued for its worth.
  7. I don't think most Americans realize how heavily they depend on oil. It's not just used to fill up your gas tank. Most food that people eat gets trucked in from hundreds or thousands of miles away and requires the use of pesticides/fertilizers (oil). How do you feed 7 billion people without industrial agriculture?

    People need to be talking about this.. our entire way of life is based on cheap oil. The problem is not that oil is going to "run out".. the problem is that oil is going to be much more expensive to get at.. and once the price goes up, our entire way of life starts crumbling. It's time for communities to start re-localizing now. We need to reinvigorate local economies.

    It's definitely frustrating though.. most people aren't very receptive to these types of conversations. They just don't wanna hear it. They'd rather go shopping and watch TV.. and let future generations deal with these problems. If people can't see the problems in their own backyard, the problems don't exist. I worry that when most people understand the gravity of the situation we're in, it will be too late.
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    Not a big deal.

    Oil is far from the only thing we can use. In fact, it's not even the most reasonable resource to resort to for the things we use it for (well, MOST of them). There are many alternatives that can provide energy and are plentiful (and some can easily be grown). Right now we don't use them because it's just how the system is set up. Our current system is built to depend on oil because it's the most profitable it seems.

    It's shitty we're basically forced to depend on oil because some fucks set it up to work that way and we can't really escape it conveniently. But eventually, yeah, oil will be so scarce it becomes a problem. But when it gets serious enough we'll be forced to start resorting to alternative things.. which will probably be a good thing and we will start seeing that shortly after implementing other alternatives to a wide scale. People will be asking "why the fuck didn't we do this sooner?" The reason? Money

    I hope that made sense haha. There's nothing oil can do that other shit can't do and we're definitely covered in terms of options. It will certainly be a weird change, there's no doubt about that just because society is built to depend on oil as it is. That will have to change, but that's about all that will change. We'll simply replace oil with something else and continue a very similar lifestyle. The 'death' of oil will most likely play out to be a good thing, and we will see this very soon after implementing alternative options. People will be asking "why the fuck didn't we do this sooner?" and the answer is money.. People will not make nearly as much money off what we turn to as they do off of oil. I'm cool with that though.

    Of course it's possible we will resort to something that's still quite expensive just because, as with oil, it's more profitable. That's shitty, but still we will be covered

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