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    This might be a pretty bad idea, but hey, worth a try!

    Ever wanted to make some music with a fellow blade?? Well now you can! Here on GC, we have many talented musicians of different genres. We have rapper, beatmakers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, singer, everything! We've all been affected by the great green plant in our music-making, I'm sure. So, why not take that to the next level? Can you imagine what could happen if a smokin' guitar player and a tokin' rapper got together? Magic that's what!

    So, here's my idea. Simply leave a post if you're interested. State what you play, how well you can play, what kind of genre you wanna collab with, and maybe leave a little soundclip to show us what you got! (check bottom of post for some good, free sites to host soundclips.)

    Once you leave your post, just wait! Once other musicians start coming in here, they'll see who's up for some collabs, and bam! There ya go! Of course, if anyone comes up with anything good, please post it here! We'd love to hear some of your crazy stuff!

    I'll get a soundclip of my own shit(guitarist/keyboardist) in here later tomorrow.

    I hope this can really kick off and get some collabs made!

    Now for those sites! YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Welcome - SoundCloud and SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more. are the only two I use, if you know of any better ones please suggest them!

  2. I sent some beats i made to a fellow gc member to rap over, if he ends up using any of them I will post them here
  3. Sweet dude! You wanna post any more beats for open collab? That's what the thread is for of course! :smoke:
  4. i only have youtube account, but any mc's out there get @ me, i make all types of hip hop, except 4 commercial rap shit, all my shit is sample based and organic
  5. I got two complete songs up on soundcloud, but if anyone wants to take them and mess around with them feel free, I love collabs. I'd be happy to break down just sections if someone wants that too :)

    Station B - Tracks - SoundCloud
  6. Oh! Right, youtbe is perfect as well! Completley forgot! XD As long as you have the file to be able to send to people of course.

    Also, to howoldami, those are some sick tracks! I actually think I may have something for the one called "Up Again" Sent you a PM.
  7. @ howoldami - are those garageband loops? all those sounds are very garage bandy

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