Colin Davies released !!

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  1. Colin Davies, Cannabis Campaigner Released.
    Colin Davies Co-founder of the Dutch Experience Coffee shop was today released on bail by Manchester Crown court after serving SEVEN months on remand.
    To what end was Colin’s time on remand justified? The Dutch Experience coffeeshop is still open, and many more cannabis entrepreneurs are now following in Colin’s footsteps withat least 12 more coffeeshops opening nationwide this summer. Is it right that an disabled man who has twice been vindicated by a jury can be locked up to silence him?
    Colin has now served his time whether he is found guilty or not, the state has exacted it’s punishment on him by using the remand law in a wholly unjustified way.
    Colins release has been under very stringent bail conditions which allows him very limited movement on release, one major restriction is that Colin stays out of the Greater Manchester area, which excludes him from his home (not seen in seven months), easy contact with his children, and the chance to start to put his life back together in his own community after being imprisoned with out trial for far too long.
    The attitude towards cannabis in the UK has now shifted towards a more understanding and accepting attitude, with our own government’s advisory bodies stating clearly that cannabis is less harmful than either of the two legal drugs alcohol and tobacco. With this justified change in attitude to cannabis how can the UK Home Office justify their treatment of Colin Davies, a man who has twice beaten them in court by being HONEST, and a man who has only tried to help sick and disabled people like himself ?
    Colin is ‘free’ now, with the formentioned restrictions, his dream is still alive, the Dutch Experience is open for over 9 months today, and became a symbol for cannabis activists around the world.
    Colin’s trial is set for June 24, 2002, in Manchester Crown Court, where a jury has to decide if he is guilty or not, after hearing dozens of witnesses on Colin’s behalve. All in the publics interest.
    Nol van Schaik,
    Co-founder of the Dutch Experience.

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