Colin Davies' brother arrested in cannabiscafe raid !!

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  1. Pressmessage.

    Stockport, October 3, 2002.

    Colin Davies’ brother Mark arrested during raid on cannabiscafe in Stockport !

    The GMP are out for the Davies clan, if that was not already clear after Colin Davies Sr. had been arrested for perjury, some time ago, he gave a false statement to protect his son.
    Davies Sr. was arrested and held at the Stockport Police Station for 8 hours, charged with perjury, and released on bail.

    Earlier today, Colin Davies Jr., who bluntly opened the first ever cannabiscafe in the UK, on September 15, 2001, was sentenced to a total of 3 years imprisonment, for 6 charges he had been found guilty of yesterday, and for charges of possession with intent to supply, and perjury, both a result of Colins last arrest, in his flat, for breaking his bail-conditions. Colin pleaded guilty on both charges today, to avoid his father from being prosecuted for perjury, and to ensure a review of the case of Dutchman Bart Meekel, who was arrested during Colins last arrest, and is still in remand for that, since July 11!

    Colins supporters, the so-called DE-fenders, were gutted about the outcome of the trial, but were in and around the Dutch Experience cannabiscafe, as usual, after the trial.
    The GMP raided the place around 16.00 hrs, the visitors were removed, nobody was arrested in possession of cannabis, they learn fast, but Dibbz and Coops, two veteran DE-fenders, were arrested for insulting the police officers. Not so smart, there were about 40 of them present, for a raid on a place that never caused any trouble to the community.
    The police searched the place, as usual, and left after they were done, as usual. One of the DE-fenders managed to find a way back in, and the place came alive again, as usual. This time, the GMP came back, someone from the opposite gym, Outline, called the police in.
    The DE-fenders were chased out again, except for one, the police surrounded the last person on the premises, Mark Davies, Colin Jr’s brother. He had no chance, he was just answering the call of nature, he was caught with his pants down, producing a smelly substance. He was arrested as a suspect of s(h)itting in a cannabiscafe, the smell gave him away…

    I hope the GMP do not spot Colins kids, skating on the road somewhere, they might be next in line for an arrest…..

    Mark Davies has not been released yet, the Davies family is in double jeopardy again !

    Maruska de Blaauw.
    Global Hempmuseum secretary.
    Haarlem, Holland.
  2. To all media :

    Stockport, UK, October 4, 2002.

    After the conviction of Colin Davies, yesterday, in Manchesters Crown Court, where he received a total sentence of 3 years in custody, the Greater Manchester Police Force decided to raid the cannabiscafe in Stockport once again.
    They came in full force this time, about 40 police officers, including members of the Riot-squad, and raided the Dutch Experience cannabiscafe. People were sent out, none of them was caught in possession of cannabis, but during the clearing, the police arrested a DE-fender, as the Protesters for Colin’s project are called. Dibbz was banged with his head on the table for raising his voice in protest, and handcuffed, for insultive behaviour.
    Another protester and his girlfriend were arrested too, the girl for being behind the bar.
    The police then searched the place, and left after doing so, locking the door behind him.
    As ususal, after a raid on the place, one of the DE-fenders managed to get into the place, and re-opened the door, to let the waiting crowd in. The police was alarmed about this, by the opposing gym in the passage where the cannabiscafe is located.
    They came back to clear the place out again, eveybody, but one, was allowed to leave un-harrassed. The person that was arrested on the premises, was Colin Davies’ brother Mark, who was answering the call of nature, when the raid occurred. He was caught with his pants down, suspected of burglaring the place, where he has been a regular from day one!
    Mark was released after a few hours, thanks to Colin’s solicitor, Chris Hinett, who also told the police they had no right to raid the place, they had no warrant to do so.
    Mark was released without charges, but he is under police bail, for the moment.
    The GMP stated that they acted on behalf on the estate agent, who wants to re-possess the place for the owner. Hinett informed them of the fact that the courtcase over an eventual right to eviction was serving on October 16, so that was not correct. The GMP also stated they acted on behalf of Colin Davies, to protect his property ! Hinett told them that he had last seen Colin after the trial, hours earlier, but Colin had not said any such thing to him, his solicitor, about it. The solicitor also told the police he considered the raids illegal, and the following siege of the premises by the police.
    Nevertheless, the police maintains its positions around the cannabiscafe, around the
    clock, the coppers eating up taxmoney for doing double hours.
    In the meanwhile, the DE-fenders set up some tents on the lawn, just outside Stockport Village, in which the Dutch Experience is located. They intend to stay there, observing the police-officers that guard the gates to the passage now, they only allow members of the gym in the passage.
    The camp is allowed there by the police, ‘as long as they do not harrass the officers on duty’, so the siege is under siege, by the De-fenders, in outrage over Colins penalty.
    More protesters are invited through the internet, tents are being offered, blankets are very welcome, and the snifferdog sniffs…
    The DE-fenders will stay there until the police leaves, 24/7, but at least until the 16th of October, when the decision about the eventual eviction is taking place.
    The Struggle of Stockport has been taken to the trenches now, the stand off is practically physical, the question is : Who will blink first ?

    Nol van Schaik,
    Presscontact Dutch Experience. 0031651852545
  3. Breaking news on the Stockport cannabiscafe !

    Police admit they raided and be-sieged the cannabiscafe unlawfully !

    The GMP has admitted they were acting unlawfully in raiding the Dutch Experience cannabiscafe yesterday, hours after the founder , Colin Davies, was sentenced to 3 years in custody for several cannabis offenses.
    They had the place under siege evrsince, the supporters of the caf’ set up tents around the premises. Colin Davies’ solicitor, Chris Hinett, adressed both the police and the property-owner about the unlawfull behaviour of both, in this matter. The case about the repossession of the premises, by the landlord, will only be in court on October 16, 2002, so the landlord had no right to activate the police, the police had no right to raid the place. Hinnett threatened to prosecute the landlord for causing an unlawfull arrest, Mark Davies, Colin’s brother, was arrested on suspicion of burglary yesterday, in the second illegal raid on the cannabiscafe. Mark was arrested with his pants down, he was on the toilet when the police entered the place.
    The police will now have to hand over the keys to the premise to Chris Hinett, who will hand them over to a reliable person. The Dutch Experience can be re-opened then, as long as no illegal activities take place on the premises.
    That means that 40+ police officers stormed a place they were not supposed to enter without the required paperwork, manhandling people, on BBC, without any authorisation.
    The waste of money involved in all this, resulting in 4 arrests, none of them cannabis-related, is being paid by the taxpayer, who is going to be held responsible for this then ?

    The Dutch Experience supporters are relieved, they do not have to sleep in their tents now, in the cold night…
    The solicitor has to have Colin to sign a deed or so, that might stall things, but the police have pulled back as I type, already.

    Nol van Schaik,
    Dutch Experience presscontact

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