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  1. Hey guys i searched around and couldnt find anything about this. Will MMj cure colds or atleast make it less shitty?
  2. Cure the common cold? Sorry! Cannabis does do a lot, but it does not cure the common cold. :(

    But cannabis dries up the nasal passages (along with your mouth- cotton mouth)

    Cannabis is a bronchodialator (I think that's close enough on spelling :p ) - it opens up your lungs so you can cough out the phlegm.

    It sure helps with nausea, aches and pains and can even help lower a fever! (Check my list if you don't believe me!)

    So while it will not cure the common cold, cannabis can make it more bearable! :smoke:

    While you get well, why not spend some of the time learning about the many medical uses of cannabis? Just click the "MMJ Studies" link in my sig for 100s of studies and news articles about the studies. MRSA has been showing up in the news lately. Did you know that in 1958, they found that a crude extract of cannabis could kill 100% of Staph aureus/MRSA germs on surfaces? It's in my list! Educate yourself!

    Granny :wave:
  3. thanks plus rep

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