Coldplay Paradise Hip Hop Remix

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  1. [ame=]phILLy-Paradise (Coldplay Ins.) 1080p - YouTube[/ame]

    tried not to butcher it..

    Im just a man with raps you never heard of
    head hanging low as I try to keep my word up
    talk about my life then turn the lights down
    because i dont want you to see me as i wipe out

    dreamin of a place where my dreams come true
    and I seem out of place when i dream around you
    didn't try my best, its what i gotta live with
    stay outta my business unless you wanna witness

    the tragedies and pain comin down like gravity
    and rain, never dumbed down cavity's engrained
    but I get my tooth fixed up root the mistakes
    turn around and bite on the same piece til it breaks

    Then I wondy why im stuck, corrupt with the same fate
    lifes movin too fast I just need to change pace
    everyday's the same, take a chance in the game
    but I need to stay positive and dance in the rain

    never dancing with the devil I try to stay level
    I turned a small pepple into a rock, a rebel
    Never stop the people that are blocked from evil
    I turn around and he's not dropped from the needle
  2. somebody's gotta dig this shit

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