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  1. Alright so i was in the garage the other day and i saw my dad had a coldheat soldering iron (the one from the infomercials) and i was wondering if anybody knows if its possible to change the tip to a ceramic one and use that as a lighter. if so thatd be awesome cause it uses itd be kinda portable.(outside backyard smokers)

    edit: pic of the coldheat
  2. Nah, it's not the tips that is ceramic, it's the heating element. And the Coldheat doesn't have a ceramic heating element. It would be cool if it worked that way though!
  3. damn lol i thought i had a great idea going...fuck.

  4. my man..don't take your dads tools and smoke with em..i know this part of the forum is called toking tools but shitttt..just buy a hakko or a diff soldering iron from homedepot/walgreens/lowes/walmart for like $40.
    im not trying to diss you or anything but im pretty sure your dad wants to fix stuff with his tools and not have resin and burned bud all over it..
  5. Just use a lighter?

  6. lol neh he doesnt use it, its just in the garage collecting dust/rust so i thought i would put it to use.

    and yes i can use a lighter, but the whole reason for using soldering irons is to get rid of the taste of butane a lighter gives out.
  7. if you do get a soldering iron make sure it has a ceramic heating element inside of it..and after your purchase it remove the lead tip because lead..well that shit will fuck you up.

  8. was I the only other one thinking this? I just see this dude going into his back yard and using this big ass thing when he could just use a good ole bic :smoking: lol
  9. have u ever used a soldering iron as a lighting source to smoke ur weed?
  10. they are small hand held might be thinking of something else used to fuse wires and metals..idk. as long as hes close to an outlet hes all good..yeah you can use soldering irons in ur backyard as long as you have an outlet. same goes for vaporizers :).

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