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Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. I aint feeling to good, I tried to have a smoke yesterday and it didn't seem to do anything, anyway couldn't get any sleep last night cuz I was up blowing my nose or having a drink every 5m...my head feels all light and I have no energy at all it fuckin sux, looks like I'm gonna have to sleep it off.

  2. What can i say :)

    Mickey.T :p
  3. You better not be sick for 4/20! Get your ill as up and toke! =)

    get better man

  4. i got sick a while ago and i kept smokin...bad idea....it made my cold linger.....hope your cold doesnt suck....i heard ice cream and brownies is good for colds (*wink wink*)
  5. sorry to hear ur gettin sick-hell i am too, and i dont think ill be up to par by 4/20-but DaWodin is sending me some brownies i hope. Sooo i think ill be ok-but as 4 u-drink lots of liquids and i hope u feel better.
  6. THX EVERYONE !!!!!! I'm feeling better now !


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