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  1. I have built a 4x3 grow room in a seed storage unit on a farm i have insulated it with polystyrene and covered that with tin foil. While i was working in there i had a normal halogen lamp going and noticed that it got hot in there quite quickly. But my problem is that the room is in a seed storage unit that gets very cold so when i turn the 400w light off for 12 hours is it going to get to cold in there for my plants. or should i leave the light on 24x7. Also roughly how many plants is it advisable to put in the room.
  2. You are going to either want to find a way to heat the room or run lights 24/7. If your planning on running photo strains then obviously you won't be able to flower until you add heat, or it warms up outside.

    You could veg until warmer weather, but if that is a few months away it just isn't practical.

    If I had no way to heat the room, and had to run lights 24/0 then I would get some autos. They will flower under full light cycles. By the time weather warms up outside you should be able to yield at least 1/4 lb to 1/2lb off four good autos.
  3. first off you want to change the hologen bulb for a HPS bulb , secondly , for the 12 hours of dark that your light is off , just use a oil filled radiator , hope this helps ya
  4. i have a halogen heater that can be put on either 1 2 or 3 bars will that do the job. or could i use a gas heater set on the lowest heat. n how many plants would be advisable 2 grow in a room of 4x3 ft.
  5. I use an oil filled heater with the thermostat on its lowest setting...when lights go out heaters are on....I have the same size room with a 400w metal halide set up and veg 6-mothers,I originally had 9 but found out quick that it wasnt enough light.
  6. get shot of anything halogen , go buy cheep oil filled rad for 20 - 30 quid , as for your plants , i would only have 4 in that space ,

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