Cold weather or something else?

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  1. So I started a couple autos just when an arctic blast swept through for nearly two weeks Might check the forecast next time...
    Day temps were too cold and night temps were horrifying with massive variation.
    Although smaller then it should be one plant looks fine. One other plant is tiny and the third is the one pictured, inner leaves are lighter with a few spots.
    I've had what I think is PH issues in flowering with previous grows but never see any evidence until after week 5 which is bottom leaves yellowing not I've always had big beautiful green babies for the first few weeks until now...
    Do I have a nutrient issue or could the cold do this? IMG_0434.JPG
  2. I’m no expert - but looking at a leaf deficiency chart, I’d say that’s early stages of a magnesium deficiency. Temp wise, plants are pretty strong and can handle more than you think, I think cold temps usually stop metabolism and slow/stunt the growth which would explain being smaller than normal. I’d recommend getting an eco heater for your tent to keep temps consistent and up the calmag

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  3. I usually give a dose of calmag week 4 and again week 7, so should I be giving it a bit earlier?
    Thanks for your reply, I have had unpredicted cold before but not like this so wasn't sure, I definitely need to get the temps more consistent. Australian seasons are crazy
  4. If that was my plant I would be giving it a dose of calmag for sure and take it from there, it looks to me like early stages so nothing that can’t be solved - how many weeks/days is this plant??

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  5. They're two days into week 4 now but that picture was taken early week 3. The weather has warmed up a bit they're getting bigger quick now, the light green colour is no worse but the brown patches are a little bigger I think.
    Because of the cold it's so far between waterings but lucky enough they're due shortly, calmag should do the trick, thank you
  6. Keep us updates! Best of luck, man

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  7. 331074D7-5CCD-4A16-80EF-B9D89D398CFA.jpeg Update: Plant at the back was the affected one, whatever was wrong hasn’t spread any further The light alters the colour a little in photos but they are a nice green.
    Thank you for your help
  8. Need more info dude if you want an accurate response whats your feeding schedule pH? EC? Npk ratios ? Environment? Looking purely at the picture, Looks like overfeeding to me. You need to flush till run off and check the ec and pH is it high? Flush a good amount of water through it, and with the last liter half (the usual) dose of nutes.

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