Cold weather besides Cali

Discussion in 'General' started by gandolf the stoned, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Well this winter is more like spring in Ca

    li, this past 2 weeks I've been wearing shorts and a t shirt and the local sluts are buy bikinis already mean while on the east coast its raining, snowing and I'm over here with 70's or 80 degree weather getting my tan ob
  2. You lucky little mofo...
    Fifteen degrees right now in VT, and there's about ten fresh inches of snow on the ground.
  3. It's been in the low 50's recently and I'm already ready to pack it up and move south lol

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  4. its nice. i like being able to go down to the beach all the time but i also like seasons and shitt. atleast some semi cold weather, to get all bundled up and cuddle in. no fuckin cuddle weather this year.

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  5. It was in the negatives in KY last night. And we have Ice really bad. Look up the 2009 ice storm in ky. Shits crazy. No power for months. Not even cell service
  6. -2 in Co. I'm out in it all day too. It's some bullshit.

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  7. 80's it's been hot as fuck this week.  still trying to get used to it.  past couple of weeks it's been 60-75...  a little chillier
  8. at least your warm dude..
    To bad everything is a dry as a popcorn fart....
  9. Was -9 earlier here in MN, I was outside in t shirt and shorts too ;)

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  10. Imagine the temp. getting down to freezing in California? We would all be caught off guard and die :laughing:
  11. It looks like it might drizzle for 2 minutes today :smoke:
  12. We got a little bit ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391716357.792631.jpg
    you guys also have one of the  worst droughts in recorded history
    and earthquakes 
  14. No. We're not lucky in California. We're already in a major drought and it's only February. :eek:
  15. Earthquakes are nationwide. I haven't felt a good jolt (over 5.0) in years out here, while other states are getting shook the fuck up. This drought though...shit is a bit weird...I bet we're gonna get hit with rainy days any minute now...yup, any minute....
  16. I hope so west coast...I want my cali
  17. reminds me on jimmy kimmel he walked around cali and told people wearing coats when it was 67 to apologize to us east coast/ midwesterners
  18. As long as we can continue to steal water from other states we'll be alright..

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    take some from lake michigan when all this snow melts its going to flood the shit out of everything
  20. its starting to rain :D

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