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  1. Hey guys, I have a quick question here. My plants are about 3 months old and they have been doing wonderful. I’ve had no problems and this is my first grow. So the question is today I accidentally watered my plants with cold water from the fridge, is that okay? I do not water with cold every time, just this once, I water with room temp RO Water. But I just wanted to make sure I don’t ruin any of my plants!!

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  2. It will be fine. I've had outside plants that survived days of cold rain and low temps. Hell I've even had some freeze from a quick cold snap near the end of flower. Also used to have a shed grow that wasnt insulated well. I fought frozen roots, frozen sub irrigated planters with roots submerged in the water, unexpected severe drops in temps, you name it.

    I think your quick drench won't do a thing.
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  3. 3months old? What lighting are you using.. thats 12weeks man. Theyre small for 3months..
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  4. I know I know lol for this entire grow I’ve been running only about 200 watts of light led. Now I’m running about 800 watts as of about 3 days ago. I added 4 new lights because 200 watts didn’t do anything. But hey they look beautiful and it’s my first grow. Thanks tho!
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  5. Yes they do, they look very good. Hopefully they will like your new lights and start to show you some super vigorous growth
  6. I’m hoping so man. Know where I can get some good seeds shipped to me?
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  7. Google seedsman, awesome seed bank.
  8. It's highly doubtful it's an actual 200 watt light. What is the actual draw? What brand? When an led lists a certain wattage but the light actually draws less, all that means is the diodes are able to handle the higher wattage but its ran at less so the diodes last longer. Very few led manufacturers list the actual wattage on the name of the light, its buried in the small print
  9. no way thats 3 months, more like 3 weeks. even on a 60w true draw LED lol!

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