Cold Turkey

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  1. Hello all, I'm 55 and been smoking on and off since my teenage years. 25 years ago I started to have PAC's (premature atrial contractions). They freaked me out for a couple of years until I came to realized that they were not going to kill me as the doctors always told me, they were benign. For the last couple of mouths I noticed an increased in my heart rate every time I smoked. I have one of those new heart portable devices that can record ECG's using my adriod phone. I would go up to about 100 to 110 beat per minute every time I've smoked. I would also (on occasion) send in the ECG results for analysis and it would always come back normal (sinus rhythm ). Two weeks ago a smoked a joint and my heart rate shot up as normal to 110 bpm, however, a few seconds later I felted a lot of sensation in my chest area. I whipped-out my ECG device and recorded the event and whoa, 178 bpm at at an illregular paced. I immediately send it in for analysis and it came back as Afib with RVR. I know what afib is, but what the f@%k is RVR. Well I looked it up and learned that RVR (Rapid Ventricular Responds) is and a dangerous condition that my cause one to loose consciousness, suffer a stroke or even cause sudden death. I have read several articles since than requarding weed a heart attacks and learned that the changes of someone catching a heart attack increase by 5-fold within the first hour of smoking. That was enough for me to go cold turkey. Damm... I going to miss my sour.
  2. Dam...

    I'm ignorant to the situation, but maybe cardio exercise could get you reunited with Mary.
  3. Wow Op .. Well all i can tell ya is good luck goin cold turkey .. Cold turkey is easier said than done, especially with the different strains of bud out there, but if it means maintaining a descent heart rate then gd luck to ya ..
  4. Of course all of us in states where mj is illegal rarely, if ever, get the choice of indica versus sativa; if you're lucky enough to have the choice definitely go with an indica dominant strain (to put it simply, sativa is 'up', indica is 'down' as far as feelings&effects)

    Otherwise try vaporising instead of smoking?

    Often times my heart rate skyrockets when I'm smoking, but it's because of the breath intake associated with smoking a bow or joint. Holding your breath to hold it in etc, definitely affects heartrate. Best of luck man

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