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Cold Turkey or Ween?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chezowan, May 26, 2010.

  1. First off, it's no big deal. Just stop smoking. It's really that easy.


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    easy for you to say ! marijuana effects everyone differently! (encase you didnt know ). this guy clearly didnt know how to handle these terrible withdraws and thought it would be a good idea to ask for help in seasoned tokers. all he wanted to know was if he should ween himself off like it was heroine or just quit cold turkey like it was nicotine.

    And you have the gall to call yourself a oldschoolgrower? A newschoolgrower would be much more appropriate. If you were truly a seasoned toker, you would never make such an idiotic statement.

    This was a pretty bad way to handle yourself in my humble opinion. Please try to stay on topic and avoid the personal attacks. ~AK~

  3. Ah the old 'I don't have credible arguments so I'll attack instead' :rolleyes:

    Son I know more about cannabis in my little finger than you'll learn in your entire life most likely. If you've read what I had to say in other threads on the subject then you'd know that yes I say it can be addictive, but it is nothing that willpower cannot overcome. There are no long lasting physical effects from withdrawal; most of it is psychological.

    The fact remains that he posted in the wrong forum. This is not the place for questions, that's what Apprentice Tokers is for.
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    But for some, OSG, it's not really that easy. Easy for some, not that easy for others. But yeah, all it takes is willpower but some of us have more of that than others, eh?

    The psychological addiction can manifest itself physically, and it does alter our brain chemistry, so I would think that for some, finding that willpower to stop smoking weed could, in fact, be a very difficult proposition.
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    you must not know OSG then LOL, as to OP, I would stop cold turkey give it a day, if you cant sleep try bendryl or something of the sort, if not as I said before.
    smoke every other day, then every 2,every 3, every 4.

    I agree with OSG though. and OP just keep a strong mind, keep yourself busy,and you won't even think about it. if I can do it anyone can, and I smoke from dusk til dawn usually
  6. Yes, that is very true, but it's attainable by everyone.

    I'm lucky in that I never have any withdrawal. I know people who get it bad. In any case it's not going to cause any harm other than discomfort, and after a few days all is usually better.

    My point was it really IS as easy as just stopping. Willpower is something that everyone can develop. It's like a muscle. The more you work it the stronger it gets.

    It helps to do something to take one's mind off of it, vary one's routine, etc.

    Perhaps I was a bit short with the OP but I'm really tired of these threads being posted in Seasoned Tokers. It's not called 'Ask a Seasoned Toker', and the forum descriptions clearly state where questions about the herb should go.
  7. dude i was kiding. i obviously know that you know more about cannabis than i ever will. i was saying the same exact things you are about the subject before you came in. that whole post was pure sarcasm. i was making fun of lwien for making it sound like its hard not to smoke.
    i even copy and pasted a whole paragraph from his post to me and just put your name in it.
  8. #28 lwien, May 27, 2010
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    I'm not making it SOUND like it could be hard not to smoke. I'm stating that for some, it CAN be VERY hard not to smoke and thinking otherwise is more than being just a bit myopic. I also agree with OSG when he states that, "In any case it's not going to cause any harm other than discomfort, and after a few days all is usually better.", but that doesn't mean that for some, those few days to a week isn't going to be hard.

    You want to make fun of me for making a true statement? Have at it.........
  9. those "some" are either medical patients or very week minded individuals with no will power.
  10. My withdrawals from not smoking are just not eating until dinner for a week or so. My appetite is almost non-existent and sometimes it takes an extra 10minutes to fall asleep.
  11. It's the goddamn opiates that are causing you to sweat. You've been taking opiates for 5 months, and your wondering why your withdrawal symptoms are bad? It's not even the weed that affects you so negatively although it may contribute to your sleep problem. Maybe if you just smoked once a week like somebody responsible you wouldn't have had the problem in the first place. Nobody has self control anymore. The world is irresponsible. If you can't smoke pot responsibly, or cannot handle the withdrawal symptoms, then you should stop cold turkey and not do drugs. Everything in moderation is a wonderful rule of thumb to live by.

    Peace, and i hope things go well with your quitting. I'm not staying in the thread as i'm sure your gonna hate like mad on my post.

  12. Ya know, that kind of holier-than-thou condescending crap is just that..........crap.

    Just because one may have a difficult time not smoking pot after smoking it for years, does not automatically make them weak minded, for in other areas of their life, they very well could be considered very strong-minded. It's all a very personal issue, and to label them with a negative label like "weak minded" is totally out of line and off the charts. I hope you never have to find yourself in a situation that you may find very difficult to handle that others would find very easy to handle, and then have those that find it easy to handle labeling you as being weak minded. Actually, that could be a good thing, for it may teach you a life lesson that we are not all the same, and that in certain aspects of our lives we are stronger, and in others, we are weaker.

    Here's an example for you. I had a friend who could snort 2 to 3 grams of coke daily for a week straight, and yet, he could go without it for months on end without batting an eyelash. Would you state that he could do this because he had strong will power? Before you answer that, this same person got so addicted to playing WoW, that it just about ruined his life.

    Things are not black and white, so categorically stating that someone who finds it hard to stop smoking MJ is weak minded with no will power is totally inaccurate.

  13. Not smoking weed can also cause night sweats. Happens to me every time I go on a t-break. Only lasts a day or two though.
  14. How often do you smoke? I have never had that problem
  15. #35 lwien, May 27, 2010
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    Only one session a night, but every night. But it really doesn't matter. Even if we smoked the same amount, it just affects us all differently.
  16. ok.obviously me and you are not ganna change our minds on this subject. but we can agree on a few things.
    - marijuana is not a physically addictive drug.
    - marijuana is just as (physically) addictive as masturbating,working out and playing video games
    - it is harder for some people to stop than others
    - stoping smoking may cause decreased apatite and insomnia.
    - marijuana withdraw cant be compared to hard drug withdraw.

    i also have a friend with a coke problem. we'll he used to have a coke problem... he is 2 years clean now. he would blow lines almost daily. he spent all of his money on it. he even started selling his belongings, stealing shit to pawn it for coke money, and even stealing money from his friends and family. but one day he just quit.. just like that on his own cold turkey. and it was not a pleasant site. he was extremely angry, sweating like a mofo,couldnt sleep for days stright,hot and cold flashes, he was trembleing terriably, and was suicidal. imo this took an enormous amount of will power.

    this same kid now smokes 2-3 grames of dank a day and takes month long t-breaks twice a year with zero withdraw symptoms at all.

    so all in all non physical addictions are simply mind over mater.
  17. #37 lwien, May 27, 2010
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    But see, saying that implies that it is an easy thing to accomplish. The fact remains that psychological addictions can be very hard to kick and that psychological addictions affect the same part of the brain that physical addictions affect. They both attack the pleasure centers and over time, can numb them, and that's where tolerance comes into play. Take away that which is overhyping the pleasure centers, and guess what happens. Withdrawals. Now is MJ withdrawals as physically devastating as, say, physical withdrawals from opiates? Nope, they're not, but they "can" be as mentally devastating. For most of us, we don't experience that, but for some, they do and I really think it's a disservice to those that are struggling with this, to label them with a broad brush stroke of weak mindedness.

    And then to belittle someone who is coming in here asking for advice by stating, "dude its fucking weed not H. there is no cold turkey or weening. just stop... not difficult at all.", is total bullshit because while it may not be difficult for you, it very well may be very difficult for him, with "may" being the operative word here.

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