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Cold Turkey or Ween?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chezowan, May 26, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking weed daily for about 1 and 1/2 years. Heavy amounts, at least about a gram a day and I'd like to significantly lower my usage by either taking a t-break or weening off of it slowly.

    The last t-break I took was last summer for 1 week, and much of my anxiety, sweating, insomnia were barely noticable (because I was in a stress free environment on vacation and because i performed rigorous workouts everyday.

    However, this was definitely an outlying situation and I need sleep every night for my job. Previous attempts have left me with literally 1 hour or less of sleep (if any), and probably pounds of sweat being released. So I'm wondering if I were to ween off of the drug by smoking 1 gram, .9, .8, .7 everyday until I was basically at a hit or two from the bong, would this significantly decrease the symptoms or should I just go cold turkey and stop immediately for an extended period of time.
  2. I get pretty bad headaches whenever i go cold turkey. anybody else get them? but id just ween off of it, personally. ur plan sounds good
  3. I've been smoking just as long as you and then some and I have no problem stopping cold turkey. The whole not sleeping/eating is most likely a form of anxiety due to lower dopamine levels in your brain, acute of course because they both subside eventually. The reason I say go cold turkey is because I can't ween myself off because if I get the chance to smoke and I have bud, even if I've already smoked my allotted amount I'll smoke some more just because I'm bored or I just want to smoke. Having no weed around me is the only way for me to stop. I don't think weening would help very much unless you did so over a longer period of time than dropping it down .1 everyday, that's just my opinion tho.
  4. If I go cold turkey I have a harder time falling asleep, so make sure you have some sleeping pills.
  5. dude its fucking weed not H. there is no cold turkey or weening. just stop... not difficult at all.

  6. Defo have to agree with the whole sleeping and eating thing bein down anxiety, as for the dopeamine i duno?

    Im 20 now and ive been smoking pretty hardcore for nearly 7 years the longest ive been with out a smoke (minus the odd week with a supplies bein scarce) was about a year ago when i stoped, went cold turkey for nearly 6 months. I had all the regular stuff goin on sweatin, anxiety etc, i found the 1st week was the worst barely slept but into about the 3rd week i felt fine couldnt even remeber what it felt lyk to be stoned, this bein the main reason i started again. and my god its gr8 lol
  7. go cold turkey. weening off is a bitch
  8. I would say stop cold turkey, or if you feel you can't smoke every two days then every three then every four, etc. so you'll space it out. I went cold turkey since sunday:p mainly because of lack of money, and I've been smoking for a good 4-5 years now.
  9. You're taking this too seriously, it ain't opiates man.
  10. I agree, I smoked longer than you 3 years straight and i just quit to get a job its been 2 weeks cold turkey and its really easy. After the first 4 days i can fall asleep easily.
  11. No kidding, you're not addicted. You're not smoking crack, it's weed.
  12. I refrain from posting on here as opposed to because so many people here are immature and ignorant. Those responses show how ignorant you both are, I asked a question regarding symptoms I want to avoid. How can either of you even say this when everyone in the world is different, everyone in the world reacts differently to different things? A lack of symptoms may translate to insomnia from person to person.

    And I've also used opiates roughly every other day for the past 5 months, I'm well aware of what stopping each drug does to my body, just wanted some advice on how to minimize my symptoms. When you wear a dress shirt and a tie and your sweat stains are the size of a dinner plate, it seems quite understandable that I'd like to remove that, no?
  13. Cannabis does have withdrawals. If you don't know what you are talking about, then keep it to yourself and learn. The more ignorant you are, the more you should shut your mouth.
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    WTF?? It may not be difficult for you, but for some, it's very difficult. Do you actually believe that weed affects everyone the same?

    Sure, it doesn't cause the same physical dependence as opiates do, but the withdrawal symptoms of psychological dependence are there none the less. For some, it's no big deal, but to others, it can be a very big deal and those psychological withdrawals can manifest themselves physically.

    And you have the gall to call yourself a Hemp God? A Hemp Newb would be much more appropriate. If you were truly a seasoned toker, you would never make such an idiotic statement.
  15. you can have withdraws from almost everything . non addictive things only have withdrawals if you are dependent on them for doing daily things like sleeping or eating. some people cant go to sleep if they dont smoke. some cant go to sleep if they dont play video games or beat off . if you cant get through "marijuana withdraws" than you shouldn't smoke.
  16. Goddamn, I wonder why so many people feel their words are aiding the thread.... When did I ever say I couldn't handle withdrawal symptoms? I'm simply looking for withdrawal reduction. I don't need your opinion on whether or not you feel I should do a drug. This isn't the point. I feel like this forum has turned into a chat room. A bunch of people ranting their opinions on subjects not even related to my post.
  17. no marijuana does not affect everyone the same.

    the only people who should be dependent on cannabis are people who need it for serious medical reasons.

    marijuana dependence is purely mind over matter.

    Hemp newb...... lol :rolleyes:
  18. i gave you an answer in my first post. just stop smoking. id say a month or two would be good for you. if your having trouble getting your mind off of it find a hobby or something. workout,play video games,sports,art what ever. and id say stay off these forums because it will make you want to do it that much more.

    id recommend a sleep aid for the first few nights if it is difficult for you to fall asleep. but do NOT get dependent on them. you will not be able to sleep well for a long time.
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    I know. Lots of young kids here that THINK they know what they're talking about and don't know shit.

    Ok, Chez, in answer to your question, if you can go cold turkey and put up with some sleepless nights, cold sweats, anxiety and loss of appetite for awhile, than that would be the fastest way to get thru it. But, if those symptoms are less desirable to deal with because of say, you have a job that requires you to be on top of your game EVERY day, then weening yourself off may be a better choice. The withdrawal symptoms won't be quite as bad, but they're going to last longer.

    There are some that would never experience any withdrawal symptoms, but obviously, you are not one of them. We're all kind of different and we all react to things differently, and those idiots that believe that everyone "should" react to things like they do are not only idiots, but myopic idiots at that, although I think that's kind of redundant, eh?
  20. try quitting for only a few days in the week. its like weening without having to smoke a smaller amount. to keep my tolerance down i try to smoke 3-4 days a week. So i basically smoke friday to monday. smoking on the weekend is a must-have, and smoking on a stressful monday is sometimes needed. so if you smoke a gram a day each day for 4 days in the week, its the equivalent of smoking only .6 every day of the week. this lowers your tolerance a little bit every week, and it doesn't give you the "i hate smoking less, i wanna get higher" urge that happens when you wheen from .9 to .8 to.7, ect.

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