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  1. Im growing in a tent in my garage and its starting to get pretty cold. With lights off I have observed temps anywhere from 56-65. Im not too concerned about when the lights are on because if it gets too cold I can just turn off my cool tube fan for a bit and my 1000 watter will warm the tent right up. Can anyone help with a way to control temps? Was thinking of a small portable heater in the tent or putting one in my garage and placing some ducting right in front of it to vent it into the tent. Thanks blades
  2. If those are the lowest temperatures you'll encounter, you should be alright.

    Be aware that small heaters can really rack up a high electric bill. Check out the wattages and just make sure it's not running 24/7. I had a small one that was 1500 watts and it only took me a month to realize it...
  3. Temps that low will definitely slow things down! Definatly keep a heater of some sort in the garage. Maybe be able to combat those chilly nights by running your light during the night and lights off during the day. Running off peak hours will cut your bill down a smidgen too.
  4. You probably answered your own question - both are good ideas but just make sure it doesn't get too warm.

    I have the same situation in my own flower room. It's not in the garage, but kind of at a far end of the castle that's unheated. When the light is on its fine - when its off it gets cool in there.

    I put one of those oil-filled radiator type heaters in the room (but this is not a tent, either; it's a room) and it works very well. I set it on a separate timer so that it comes on when lights go out, so you may want to do something on the same idea.

    Concrete garage floors get cold; get your pots off of the cold concrete, too - perhaps up on a pallet or similar?

    I also set my exhaust fan on a variable wattage meter. This is a contraption which allows you to plug your exhaust fan into this unit which has a knob that allows you to turn your exhaust fan up or down which is very handy. In the summer you can crank it right up and in the winter it allows you to lower it so that it will stay warmer in your tent when the lights are on.

    Hope the ideas help.

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    Thanks I know those temps aren't optimal so if I can find a cheap solution fine if not ill just leave it be. What about a small propane heater? I'll definitely pay attention to watts. I do run lights at night
  6. Lilj86 has a good point too - and I forgot to say the same. Great advice. I do the same thing - I find it works better in both summer and winter to run my lights at night. In the winter this keeps it warmer when it's colder at night and in the summer when it's hotter during the day - it works. It also has it so that the lights are on when I get home from work which is always important too.

  7. I'd be leery of propane because of fire. I know it's a little more electricity but a little oil filled radiator will not be much more money and then you just set the timer when the lights go off it comes on. I have it come on an hour after lights out when it's just starting to cool down and shut off an hour before lights come on so it only ends up being ten hours which isn't too bad and then no never have to worry about it - problem solved.

    Lilj86's comment about growth slowing down is a harsh reality - plants do not like cold temperatures. It can make your garden come to a grinding halt.

  8. heaters wont fix you problem....i had this issue in my early days....the solution is to raise the tent off the concrete floor of the garage...i raised mine up 5in and insullated with styrofoam and horse blankets and put my tent on top of that...fixed over night...if your air temps are 55-65...the soil temps are in 40's(where your problem is)...

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  9. Where can you find one of those oil filled heaters? I'm off work and need to handle this today
  10. Good idea. It's worth a shot won't cost me anything
  11. Yep most all of these heaters at Walmart are 1000w plus yikes
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    Although I warm my flower room now in winter.One year I didnt bother,and it was getting down to 35-40 degress some nights.I chose to ignore it,and my pineapple express came out good still.Prolly didnt yield as much,but still got 2 oz per plant average.

    Not advised,but your no where near close to hurting them was my point so you can relax.

    Yes the plant can be hard to grow at times,but in maine fall temps can go as low as 35-40 at night outside as well,and shit does fine.

    Again yes yield can be effected,but unless its freezing temps I'll bet your plants will live.
  13. Thanks everyone I'm gonna go the route and raise the tent up. I found some thick foam insulation that I'm going to line the tent with. In the mean time ill look for a cheap heating alternative. 1-2 oz per plant would make me happy
  14. A heater on a timer so it comes on say for 15 min. every 30-45 min coupled with an atmospheric controller is the best I have found yet for controlling cold nighttime temps. Without the atmospheric controller the temps just swung too much for me. it would go from like 68 ish to 78 in no time once the heater came on. I don't like all that up, and down. So I added the atmospheric controller which controls temp, and R.H. Cost me about $100 but worth the investment to me. Also during lights on my exhaust only kicks on when it needs to. Also Budd has some really good advice. Get that tent up off the floor, and insulate under it.
  15. I got some large Styrofoam sheets 2 inches thick and lined with mylar. I put some blankets under them and then put my added watering tent tray back in so the plants are about 3 1/2 inches up off the floor right now. I'll see how they respond

  16. Thats it.

    I did basically the same, except I cheated a bit.
    I raised the pots up on some insulation foam to get them off the concrete, but I also use one of these. Growers Supply Company GSHML 20-3/4-by-48-Inch Large Seedling Heat Mat: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    Ive found going into the room with a light green light, during dark hours that the temps are 55-60, yet the pots are nice and warm.
    Ive noticed no time loss in my grows, and the good thing is, the strains that get purple, REALLY get purple with the cold nights!
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    Ohh my I didnt catch that part...

    Yea concrete will suck the warmth away from your tent/pots/plants bigtime.

    I love a cheap fix.Should do.

  18. The mats a good idea I'd just have to buy a couple of them which would probably still be cheaper than a heater and a larger power bill
  19. I'd raise your tent like advised yesterday. Forgot to mention I had issues with cold floors in the garage. Spent $6 on a 4x8 1/2" thick styrofoam insulation from lowes. Cut that bitch in half and stuck it under the water tray of my tent. Works great!
  20. I got 4 4x2x1/2 inches thick sheets and did just as you did with the tray. Im also going to invest in a few heating mats

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