Cold sores?

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  1. Ok so about the only place ill ever get a pimple is like on my lip, very similar to a cold sore. Another coinsidence is that i normally get them when I have madeout with some girl for a long period of time the night before. I breakout and the same day my girlfriend says she has a red painful bump and thinks its a coldsore. I said nah prob not, prob just a pimple too, because they are very similar until either the blister or in case of pimple, the white head forms.

    So I kiss her all night and all. The next day as I thot I had a white head, popped and its gone. She says she has a blister and the she got cold sores before :O:O:O:O:O. To make it better she got them after kissing her ex bf when they were together, but only had them once.

    So wtf not only is it gross she picked up cold sores from her ex bf, despite he was a virgin until her, but now I fucking kissed her with a cold sore :O. And from what I red its contagious before u can even see it.

    Im like freaked out like I do not want to have cold sores my whole fucking life! Obviously I am not kissing her until it disapears, but like wtfff!!! How contagious are these fucking things? Anyone been in this situation, from the internet it seems that if u make contact with a cold sore ur getting it.....
  2. Cold sores are a form of herpes. Once you have it there is no cure. Sorry. Learn to live with it. It is a very common malady.
  3. Herpes is for life

    Did you eat nerds out of some strippers asshole?
  4. stop freaking out they go away.
  5. ya i know its herpes. i know its a virus. I know everything about im, im educated on what a cold sore is.

    Just the thought of it pisses me off. Like damn I used to "run around" with a lot of girls, and go figuring the one I settle with has mouth herpes :O. I know its not as bad as I make it sound, but wouldnt u be pissed if u get it from some other guy basically?
  6. is going on...?:confused: Your talking like youre the OP, not the OP:eek:

    You down with OPP man, Yeah you know me mane! haha im:hippie:
  7. It's a different type of herpes, its not like cooter/junk rot. Type 2 is genital herpes, the gross kind. Type 1 is like a cold sore, and they are very common and SUPER contagious.

    You can get them from a waterfountain.. or anything else that someone's lip touches that touches yours. I wouldn't fret about it (honestly, that makes them worse). Talk to you doctor and get some Valtrex & abrevia. Don't! Dont.. try and pop it. In fact, don't even touch it.
  8. I get them from Stress..They can come from tons of different reason's...Not just making out with girls..

    It runs in my dads side of the girlfriend kisses me when i have em...She doesnt get them.

    Dont worry tons of people get cold sores...Thing what makes em anoying is the Burn!! :smoke:
  9. Haha burton is a friend of mine in the real world, he left his name logged on :p!

  10. iceee it man...
  11. Lol I have the sores lol... I usually disappear for a few days just so I don't have to put up with this shit
  12. dude.... inspect the area ur putting ur lips on BEFORE you start.... rule #1 when dealing with tramps
  13. rub some aids on it, you'll be fine


  14. nothing to worry about.

    more than 50 million americans have herpes in some form or another. 80% of them will never know it nor will they have an outbreak.

    All cold sores are some form of herpes wether it is STD related or not.

    Chicken Pox is in the same family as herpes and many of you have had that.

    Also, you may not have caught it from anyone but your mother when you were born. If she had a sore up inside her twat when you were born, then it is likely that you have it.

    Doctor's recommend a C-Section if the woman is having an outbreak at the time.

    Chances are, you will get one every now and then, if nothing else, it could just be a pimple from teenage acne.

    don't sweat it. It can't kill ya, so fuck it.
  15. your obviously not educated about herpes if your freaking the fuck out over a coldsore.

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