Cold rainy day

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  1. So I brought my little auto inside and set up a few 100w LEDs!! I figured why not. I kinda like it. Easy set up for sure. She will stay dry and get some light. [​IMG]

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  2. pink bulb ...explain

  3. nm the bulb colour...

    a copper barrelled sawed off with a scope??

    what's with the weapon?
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  4. You're right! What an odd choice -mount a scope on a sawed-off??
  5. That's not sawed off!!! Haha. It's a pellet gun for varmints!!

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  6. Just 100 full spec LEDs. Some call blurple.

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  7. Not right cause it's a pellet gun. In fact, it's a vintage Benjamin .20 Cal pellet gun! Very effective

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  8. I think I'd go with magenta.
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  9. CO 2 powered?
  10. No. It pumps. Max 8 pumps. Shoots about 700fps at Max. Rats and such only need 4-5 pumps. Anything bigger I use more. Great gun- They make it in a .177cal and .22Cal still but not the .20cal which has the tragectory of 177cal with hitting power of .22cal. Anyway, neighbors have chickens so every once in a while the rats try to invade. They lose

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    I used to have a Crossman .177 caliber CO 2 pellet rifle that looked alot like your rifle. Lottsa power on a fresh cartridge. But pretty anemic when the cartridge gas was near expended.

    Hey, what ever happened with your November 2018 feminized seed experiment? Have you tried out any of those seeds?
  12. Good choice of weapon. Those rats will get into your cannabis also. I had them stripping ribbons of bark off until the plant died. I'm sure the extra light isn't hurting anything being it's an auto.
  13. Thanks! Yeah those rats are bad news for plants and I can dust them at 100 ft no prob. Just rest on the inside of sliding door- bam!!! Dead rat!!! I figured the same with the auto. My photos outside are to big to move in the house. But I'm trying to bonzi that auto. Coming along nicely. Great shape so far. I snapped the main stem on it a few weeks ago and that halted the training so I had to adjust my shape. But still happy. I'll probably post more pics later.

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  14. HeyBabbou!! So far all 3 that popped are females.they will be done soon. None have.hermied either.i have about 15 seems like they are feminized or just real lucky

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  15. That's cool, I was curious about the results. I've got a genetic experiment in process at the moment myself. A seedling I sprouted in April, and is currently a bushy female growing outdoors, put out a sucker sprout a few days after the seedling first sprouted indoors last spring. It was growing off the same tap root system, but totally separate from the main sprout!
    Well, that sucker became a 100% male while the main plant is 100% third generation female. I did the previous breeding myself - all outdoors. The sucker male - which was indistinguishable from the main plant's branches - pollinated the main plant and I can see seed forming inside some of the bracts. Since it self-sexed I'm curious if the resulting seed will be feminized, hermaphrodite, genetic mutations or what? I'll have the answer next season.
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  16. Lol. That sucks!!! Actually, I wasn't sure how my wife would react. She was cool but once the rain stopped she made a point to have me put it back outside!!

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    If they're the full spectrum 100 watt bulbs i think they are, they are actually pulling 20 true watts. I too made the mistake of thinking it was actually 100 watts lol. I have learned a lot about indoor growing since then.

    On the bright side, its a great light to start a couple of seeds or keeping a few clones alive.

    NOTE: Those full spectrum LEDs are not good to look at without sunglasses, If you move your setup to a smaller enclosed space the light will reflect off the walls and help get more to your plant as well.

    Did you get this by any chance?
  18. Those are the ones. I have a legit set up for indoor grows. This is just one small auto I'm growing outdoors and brought it inside during a stormy day. Figured those lights would be better than nothing and I could set them up in a few minutes

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  19. Yeah that's more than enough light if you just want to keep her inside during the storm. Most people just take them inside without any light lol, you could also make a cover for them outside that still allows light to get through, makes it easier to not have to take them inside every time theres a storm lol. Good luck on your grow!

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