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  1. i recently moved plants to the attic. i dont have a heat problem but i think i now have a cold problem. alot of the leaves are curling under. colors ok i do however have some splotchy yellow spots here and there. one plant continues to grow but its new growth from the side shoots curls under. im pretty sure its cold. anyone have ideas? Also: is there a substitute for net potting. cause i cant get it here. i was using plastic 5 inch pots with the bottoms knocked out. does the plant need to breath on the sides cause roots grew all over agaisnt the plastic on the sides
    heres 4 pics. one is of roots on side. Is this ok for roots to spread against plastic sides?

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  2. heres the droopy

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  3. heres a different shot notice the fan leaves dont droop as much
  4. if i were you, i'd fill that blue pot with a good soil, perlite vermiculite, and gently place the plant into it, cover it up, and let the roots heal/dry out from what looks like overwatering, and breath through a hols in the bottom that should be in the pot, and if not, make one.........and hope the plant makes it.......hope the root structure isn't as dead as it looks..........good luck.........Peace out...........Sid
  5. droop

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  6. can i just set the rockwool in my resivior like so or will this not work. at this point i need to just try to see the plants through another 2 months. will this work they just sit in the res water when the pump runs

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  7. ignore my above post as my stoned ass hadn't noticed that you were growing hydro.........critter or BPP or some other hydro growers may be able to help you, i'm a soil man myself..........good luck........Peace out............Sid
  8. HIGH All, the roots should Already be in some type of solution or container with solution in it. How you been feeding them? You just had the rockwool in pots? If I'm thinking this I'd do what sid said and you might end up with some Bud.
  9. well i read sids coments and and unoits. im sorry for the confusion. the little blue pots you see were suspended about 3 inches above the bottom of the watering resivior, the bottoms have been knocked out so the rockwool was exposed to the nutes/water. does anyone know where stateside you can get vermiculite or perlite at some main big chain store for cheap. cause i think im gonna get some.
  10. HIGH All, what ferts you been feeding it? We're trying to grow it Hydro? Your baby looks like it's lacking you know the PH? Vermiculite or perlite and some good potting soil can be found in Almost any nursery or big store like Wal-Mart.

  11. wats that green stuff???in that pic.
  12. im using flora gro series aprox the suggested amounts for veg. i am doin hydro my own lil creation sort of. i put the timer on so my res now fills 5 times a day. 5 times because i feel this will be ample timefor the rockwool to air out/dry in between waterings hence roots breath. ive watered alot in the past and never had problems. i dont have stem rot. another thing the plant last night got yellow splotches on the main fan leaves at the edge the jagged part. looks like burn actually from light, but the light wasnt hot over the plant to my hand. this pic shows some splotches. i moved the plant and light and it hasnt got worse but im bewildered that burn occured where it didnt feel hot.

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  13. this plant has the curling of leaves. and its easy to see. this is only happening to the 2 oldest plants the younger 2 are ok leaves fanning and strong.

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  14. what green stuff? are u talkin bout man in austrailsia? the tree huggin tye dyed hippie tapestry? otherwise i see vegatation and rockwool cubes. tapestry i think you see

  15. i think its algie.

    i think the leaf burn is nute burn.
    id say you was over watering, let them dry out more, dont wrap them in cloth, i take it thats to stop light gettin to the roots? find another way its also stoppin air gettin to them.

    i also think u may b over feeding. if your using nutes at full strenth on small plants then id say for sure you have over fed. try them on just plain ph ajusted water for a coupple of days.
  16. my ph is good i dont know where people see green bad photo quality.
    1. can i just put the rock wool in a mix of soil and perlite now and water manually or auto drip on them, will that work?
    I have good bought seedlings coming up and am just gonna do those in soil perlite. Id hope to drop rockwool cubes right into the mix as i got 3 gallon pots to work with and plenty of space. My good seeds are going this way, but id like to save the older plants as well, if knowbodys tried this i could experiment.
  17. yeah you can plant a rockwool cube in soil just like you would any rootball. make sure its coverd by dirt tho otherwise you will have a lot of algie on it.

    oh and irelivant of what your ph is i do think that plant has been over fed. the salts in the nutes are sucking water out of the plant through the roots, thats what happens when you over nute. im glad ur ph is good though. flush the cube before you transplant to dirt.
  18. Exactly how does one flush the rockwool?
    When i transplanted the rockwool cubes into the dirt, one pot got to saturated and didnt have enough perlite. so I set the cube with the plant with all roots comin straight down right on top of it. the roots were covered in dirt when i set it down couldnt see them.
    checking this am the roots have gone 2 cm into the soil it was layed upon. Growing good.

  19. just keep pouring clean water over it or dunk it in a bucket a few times. keep an eye out for salt bulit up on the top of the rockwool, there is normaly some, its hard to avoid sometimes but a lot of salt does point to overferting over a long time.

    really it would of been worth remixing the soil with perlite and burying the cube. even now if it was my plant and it had just been sat on the dirt id pull it, empty the pot, remix the soil and replant but burying the cube. mj does like well draining soil, root problems i think are the most common newby and not so newby casuses of unhealthy plants and poor growth/yeald there is. i know it will stress the plant now but it will recover and end up a much stronger healther plant in the long run.
  20. It would seems that placing the cubes in soil has worked. along with moving the light. I have a 400 watt hps and did not know exactly what i wanted to do with it. many people said 18 inches away well that was burnin mine. ive moved quite far yet still provides heat and plenty of light.
    My sick droopy plant has perked up as of this am. gave it straight, water yesterday and that seems to have done good. the leaves came out of droop mode. now i have 1 blue misty comin up and an unknown. waiting on 6 more seeds to germ.
    started a new tattoo last night as well

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