Cold fresh air?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by scrircle111, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Been workin in a place that's never below 65 Fahrenheit, moving to CO soon. In terms of venting hoods and bringing fresh into my space, what do you do when the outside air is cold. I will be using a mini split heat pump to regulate temps but still curious what you wintertime gardeners do? Btw this is for a garage setup not tents, thx
  2. Can you draw warm air from inside the house for fresh air intake?
  3. Possibly, would definitely work for the hoods, thx for the help. Is that the standard for cold places? As for the garden that's technically not fresh air right?
  4. Spend money and get the right equipment to re-circulate your air...or simply use heaters while the lights are off? The lights themselves will provide enough heat to warm up your room depending on what you are using.
  5. In my room I do not have my two 1,000 watt lights vented...they are running openly and it's what keeps my room at the right temperatures right now to negate the coldness of my basement. I still have to have a heater on a timer though when they shut off.
  6. How cold? even though cannabis is a tropical plant cold temps at night for example will stimulate trichomes and resin during flowering, to cold temps overall with be stressful for your plant 20c would be fine

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