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Cold Calling a new dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Castle 420, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. For starters-
    I'm a terrible over analyzer.

    A buddy of mine just gave me a number to call for some green (he usually gets it, I've never met the guy)

    He told me to call and say (name) sent me.

    I feel awkward as fuck calling. Do I just say 'Yo dude, this is Castle 420, (name) sent me. You think I can get an 8th?'

    Do I need to be quick with it?

    I think I just need a little reassurance hah...

    Any help would be awesome.
  2. Text him first and be like hey man, so and so gave me your number, he said you were green? Wait for his response, and if he doesn't text back, don't keep bothering him. Tell your buddy to text him and let him know you're gonna be hitting him up...
  3. It seems as though the worst he could do would be maybe cut you and your friend off.

    Won't know till ya try.
  4. Just ring him up and say
    'hey man my friend ____ told me i can get some nice greenery from you...'

    then just take it from there...
  5. I've had to do this a few times. But it's a great way to get to know a new dealer. Im usually all like

    "Sound X, its X's mate can you drop an 8th?"

    Simple as straight to the point.
  6. Fuck yeah guys-
    I love GC. Thanks for the quick replies and not thinking I'm an idiot haha.

    Not to mention the advice!
    Happy toking guys, hopefully I'll be right there with you in a little bit!
  7. Definitely don't be afraid to call, the worst he could really do is say no, and he'll likely say yes because most dealers are trying to make money.
  8. Try not to put something about green in the first message. Wait for a reply first.

    Be like "Yo its _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, _ _ _ _ sent me"

    "oh K cool"

    "U good for a half quad?"
  9. You have to let us know what happens by the way
  10. Yea mate I also over analyze except not with drugs with job interviews lol.

    I know you already got your advice but just call him and say "Hay mate this is "Your name" my friend "friends name" said you could hook me up"
  11. Castle 420? What the fuck lmao

  12. hahah, definitively didn't do that.

    ∙no answer.
    ∙Just sent a text- 'hey man (name) gave me your and said you were green? Any chance I could pick up an 8th'
    ∙Haven't gotten a reply as of yet

    This is supposedly some top shelf green. This would be a total bummer if this fell through. Bah.
  13. I hate when people text me for shit.. that shit is documented.
  14. I was going to include that but was not sure if it was a culture difference thing.

    He is right you text the wrong word to a paranoid(Or just smart on the radar) dealer and they will either A. Get very mad B. Get very paranoid.

    Luckily I make friends with my dealers so they do not get mad. But I have been told straight out before "Stop using pot(My town be trash) terms in texts" That's how I learnt about chickens and flocks haha
  15. You know, I've never had a dealer who had a problem with me texting him, inquiring about a sale... and I have a few locations in big cities I call home. It's just never been an issue. I didn't even think anything of it at ALL until I started reading people on here say it's a big deal.

    What's the deal with that? Are my dealers (by dealer standards) reckless?
  16. Your friend should have told that dude to get a hold of you not the other way around

  17. If I told my dealer he needs to call someone to get THEM to buy HIS weed.......:hide:
  18. lol the way you said cold calling made me think of my work. As for your problem call that mother fucker your the one with the money that HE wants so you are in the position of power. Just don't be super obvious your asking for bud just ask for a dub or something slag-ish in case hes a sketcherooni
  19. Just call the guy, say your friend gave you the number and ask if he's working. Make sure you know what you want and where you want to meet the guy. The quicker, the better. Don't be nervous when calling the guy, what's the guy gonna do, say "No, I will not sell you weed, you sound like you're nervous, peace."? I highly doubt it.
  20. Well, dealers are persons too. In personal experience, many dealers are a bit special, or fucked up. In the way that they're not especially nice, or smart for that matter.

    The guy I usually went to, he'd answer the phone often, but sometimes, he'd just disappear. This sucked, and made him very unpredictable. I couldn't really tell if I'd get some dank shit that day or not. He never answered texts, and honestly, that's a less safe way to communicate when talking "green". Reason being, is that texts (SMS) are stored somewhere. Though phonecalls aren't. Sure, the date and time is stored, but not the conversation itself. Thus making it way more secure, as no one will ever know what you talked about.

    Just call him man. Tell him your buddy gave you his number, and you were wondering if he's 420 friendly or green. Ya know? If he's like. Nah. Dunno what you're talking about, man. Then fuck it. Tell your friend to hook you up, and or explain to him it's all cool. Good luck bro, happy toking! :smoke:

    - Serenity

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