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Cold and damp and h.p.s bulbs ??

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by xXCottonMouthXx, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So i am wonder how cold and how much moisture can be ran through my yield master 6 inch classic w/1000watt hps bulb,i want to use the outside air to cool my hood but i am worried that below freezing and -10+ with it snowing out side will pop my bulb. snow cant get pulled in through the screen but my ducting keeps icing up a bit,should i reverse the fan and blow it out instead of in ? i like the idea of cheap cooling, if it will mess up my bulb ill have to turn down da ac.any help regarding this question would much appreciated.
  2. Hid bulbs need to get hot to get bright, cooling them makes them work harder, run dimmer, and contributes to their short lifespan. Running super cold air on them will make them lose intensity faster.
  3. thank u so ill push the air from the room through the fixture and out side thank its nice knowing i can ask for help when i need it
  4. Wow. I'll research a bit tonight just because taking any 1 person's word on something is silly, not a knock on you. All I know about electricity (which admittedly is very little and mostly related to the 12v world) is that electrical devices want to run cool. Cooler is better. I can see the logic behind your statement though.

    That is solely for the bulb though correct? Cooling the ballast, like you would an amplifier that is capable of running on the warm side and maybe in a confined space is still the way to go?

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