Colbert on Anonymous

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  2. He misrepresents Anonymous, it's a lot more than anarchist hackers.
  3. dude obviously its suppose to be comedy not taken literally
    some one should like a spliff and chill

  4. Heh, how could you tell so much from one post?

    Also to be honest, a lot of Americans do use shows like the Colbert Report and The Daily Show for there political news. I don't even watch TV anymore(except for cartoons, love that Adventure Time).

    But I'll take your advice none the less, except I don't like to smoke poison so I'll just stick with bud.


  5. But.. But... B-b-but... You sure you don't want cancer in your joint? :(
  6. spliff does not mean tobacco world wide
    sometimes it just another word for a joint

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