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Discussion in 'General' started by goro the puffer, Aug 12, 2008.

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  2. I would have to say that colbert has become one of the best masters of satire in almost all of history. I know he doesn't write his own material most of the time but that shows group of writers are impacted by his delivery and sense of humor.

    That being said, I believe the criminalization of marijuana is on its way out; thank god. More and more states are pushing for the decriminalization of marijuana (namely Massachusetts, among others, this fall). As more states pass this the government will realize that they're not going to win this battle and focus on the real crime, the growing and trafficking of an illegal substance.

    Owning marijuana for personal use is not a crime. No one is hurt, other than possible the individual USING the marijuana, and there is no financial transaction taking place that would fall under the power of the interstate commerce clause of the constitution. I'm sorry but if the government thinks that an individual inhaling a substance into their lungs has some sort of effect on interstate commerce they are just wrong.

    The real crime they should be targeting is the trafficking and growing of marijuana as that clearly falls within the jurisdiction of the federal government. Stop wasting money on the prosecution, and in some states, incarceration on people who own a substance with no intent on distributing it.

    If the government believes the exchange of marijuana is harmful to the united states then it is well within their means to pass laws to stop the growth and trafficking of the substance. However to persecute the common man for merely wanting to get high, is not only a poor choice in terms of resources, but is one that they cannot make. Let the states decide on whether or not people can smoke pot, its their choice - not the governments.

    Too long didn't read?
    Fuck the police
  3. That was good
  4. ahha that was so funny. i love colbert. lmao tokemaster backache. I like the sweet vape he's smoking...and those lava lamps and bongs ahha.
  5. You sound like you wrote the bill that got shot down in CT because it doesn't provide for any legal means of obtaining the drug. If you want to decriminalize possession, yet crack down on growing and dealing, how are you going to get it? Only by illegal means, so owning it would imply you did something illegal to get it, so you didn't really solve anything. I agree that dealing does not need to be legal, but growing should. I used to grow for personal use because the only kids that sold around here are scumbags and don't deserve my money. I didn't distribute except when Christmas rolled around, and even then I didn't take money for it so there were no commerce laws broken. What is so wrong about that? The only thing wrong about it is that it's illegal. And it's only illegal because it's illegal.
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    Nah, I just wrote that reeeeeally baked lol.

    Well I wasn't arguing whether or not growing and dealing should be legal, in my personal opinion the whole process should be legal, I was arguing the extent of the federal government's legislative power. Under the interstate commerce clause the federal government has the power to regulate any and all commerce within and between states. So the government obviously has the right to pass legislation concerning the growing and distribution of marijuana.

    My basic opinion is that the crime is in the transaction, after that the possession of marijuana should not be a crime.

    There is a big difference between crime and minor offense. Here in Colorado the punishment for marijuana is a petty offense, the maximum penalty for having less than an Oz on you is a maximum fine of $100. Compare that to a misdemeanor as it is in states that have not yet decriminalized it and you're looking at at least a $100 fine with the possibility of incarceration and or community service.

    What decriminalizing marijuana actually does is make the possession and responsible usage of the substance legal. If you are in your own abode (smoking in a car can still get you a DWAI) there is NO way the cops can stop you from smoking it, the cops won't even know about it. As a matter of fact, merely having marijuana on you will not be enough for a cop to stop you (legally) as there is no way they can tell if you have a small amount on you (smell is not probable cause). The only way you can get the ticket is if you are stopped for something else, and either consent to a search or have committed a crime that allowed you to be searched.

    The only time a cop should be able to ticket you for anything else is the transaction, actually buying or selling marijuana. At which point it becomes a federal offense.

    Thus I restate my point, the government has the ability to limit the growing and trafficking of a drug (this includes small sales due to commerce clause godliness). However as I just stated it is damn near impossible for the government to enforce the personal use of marijuana. That being said, the possession of small amounts of marijuana should be a issue delegated to the states, and seeing as it is a victimless and almost impossible to regulate crime, it should be decriminalized.

    Hope that makes sense, still pretty blazed :hello:
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    Oh of course if it were legal it should be treated like any other consumable, with taxes on production and distribution. But if we could all buy it at the store we wouldn't need illegal drug dealers, and the whole criminal aspect would be removed. Doesn't it seem almost too simple?

    And as far as the feds having jurisdiction over the states, I think the idea is bass ackwards. If the people of a state have spoken, who are the feds to say that the whole state is wrong. If the state wishes to be different than the rest of the country, isn't that what borders are for?
  8. i was watchin this last night while hittin a bong and thought it was funny as hell. i like his show, he's a funny dude..
  9. Lol he feel off a plane just for a toke? i love colbert
  10. That was awesome. I loved the Chong cameo... haha.
  11. wow.

    you must not read much huh?

    protip: there's no such thing as medical marijuana.
  12. Wow. Slam someone for not reading much, then follow with that?

    Go to GC Medical forum. Read every article in the thread called Granny Storm Crow's list, and then come back with your ill-advised statements about cannabis being without medical value. In my opinion, you just made a boo-boo, scooby dooby!

    Millions of Americans will disagree on you on this, try talking to some of them. They are in the 12 enlightened states, visit one of them and see how it works before you say it doesn't even exist.

    Colbert is definitely a good satirist as well. No Ionesco, but he'll do.
  13. I read quite a bit, and I would rank colbert up there with Voltaire and Huxley, just because someone doesn't use print as a medium doesn't make their form of expression any less poignant. Not only is Colbert's satire often on the mark and stinging, he manages to deliver it in a manner that the masses can understand.
  14. I heard on cbs that the amount of money that it costs the government to keep marijuana users ans sellers in jail they could pay for health care for everyone i nthe united states

  15. i never said it didnt have any medical value.

    i said there's no such thing as medical marijuana.

    dont twist my words and we'll be a-ok.

  16. I think medical MJ does more to hurt the decriminalization of MJ than anything, just look since MJ is being used for medical purposes, its recreational use of it will be condemed saying that people do not need to get high from medicine and not to use it to just get high. Well I like to get high from it, should I lie to a doctor and tell him I have trouble sleeping or a hurt back to get a cannibus club card?
  17. anyone who things colbert is funny should listen to an interview with him where someone hasnt already scripted his words for him.

    he's atrocious.
  18. Steven Colbert is a good actor.
    Steven Colbert's writers are hilarious.
  19. Only logical. :) But then again, the U.S. also determines how much money it will create as well. So it has other ways of manipulating the economy.

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