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    Hey GC and coco nuts waz up...
    Gonna give this K.I.S.S method a whirl using Maxibloom and 4 different strains in Autopots...All freebies from the tude...:D
    I was going to hang it up for the summer because of the extreme heat here in "Hells Garden" but got these led lights that put out less heat...
    I cheated a little and put a 5000btu AC right across from the GR that an existing intake fan sucks nice cold air into the GR and added a thermal curtain to keep the cold air confined.
    So far we had a 107* temps and with all the equipment running, at the hottest part of the day had temps around 78*. I'm sure I can shave a couple degrees off that when I run the lights at night...

    Emerald Triangle Emerald Jack
    Emerald Triangle Trinity Kush
    Emerald Triangle Grapefruit Kush
    Barney Farms Pineapple Chunk

    GH Maxibloom
    GH Diamond Nectar
    Dynagrow Protek
    GH Koolbloom
    3% Hydrogen Peroxide

    240 Watt Blackstar HO veg/clone light
    480 Watt(2-240w)9 band flowering lights

    16-20% humidity and will raise to 40-60% during veg

    Lst and topping, no scrog...

    As you know from a previous post my seedling were looking a little stunted after a week. This was my first time starting seeds in coco without germinating. I always started in a peat base soil where nutes were not needed for the first couple weeks then transplanted at the third set of leaves into their final container.

    My problem with the seedling were they were lacking nutrients in the coco so, there getting a feed of 1/4 maxibloom, 1/4 tsp cal/mag, 1tsp vitamin b-1 and 2 tsp H20 to the gallon and are 10 days old now....
    They perked right up and have shown significant growth in the last couple days. So I figure I'm about a week off for the seedling period...;)
    When I get a third set of leaves will transplant to the Autopots with air domes and go for the full regime of nutrients.

    I'm in the process of getting rid of the air stone(sucks)for the res and using a pond pump from my clone bucket with some made up pvc to get a waterfall effect...

    Also made a frame to hold the two flowering lights more stable...

    Light up a joint and enjoy the show for the next 90 days or so... :smoke:
  2. yes, ya put it over here, im in ... :wave:
  3. I know what you mean about the heat, cola. I actually think we reside pretty close to each other. 107 with 16% rh is where its at. Lol. As long as I keep the tent 81 or under I'm pretty happy.
  4. Ya man...Wanted to show some of the new coco growers just how easy it is to "keep it stupid simple" without the thread getting booted to the back door...;)
  5. Ha...I could live with 81*....To bad cactus dosn't have thc...We would always have a fresh supply of weed right out the back door...:D
  6. ahhh, someone on here is finally trying maxibloom lol

    i love me some maxibloom

    i run maxibloom, floralicious + and hydroplex in flower. used to run liquid koolbloom w/ great results but ran out and had a bunch of hydroplex samples from work, so i figured id use it up

    you shouldnt need the cal/mag. i personally have never used it since switching to maxibloom

    ill be keepin a eye on this one to see how you fair w/ the maxi

    i hope you like it. alot of other people, including myself love the shit
  7. an
    Welcome tothehead. I know your advise will be heard...:)

    Of all the nutrients Iv'e used GH Botanicare fairs right at the top.....That 2 lb bag of maxibloom goes a long way and costs about 15 cents a gallon to feed....

    I wanted to use floralicious because it has all the right stuff but, tight ole me went with the diamond nectar for a little extra kick...
    Good to know about the cal/mag...:)

    Seedlings are growing more everyday. Seems a little slow for now...Dam I'm so impatient...:smoke:
    The Eva seeds are doing the best and the barney pineapple chunk is lagging behind. Heard others say the Barneys pc is picky about nutrients....

    Started them seedling after 10 days on 1/4 mb and 1/4 cal/mag and just bumped that up to 1/2 because they look like they could use more and their handling it well so far...
    Should have started them earlier on some nutes but, will do that for sure next grow...
  8. Going into 3rd week and transplanted to their final autopot home this morning.
    My blend is 21 cups coco, 4 cups vermiblend and 10 cups perlite per 2 gallon pot.
    When I plant I sprinkle 2 tsp xtreme myco on the roots and in the hole.

    Having a little yellowing and possible mag issue(see pics)on the Emerald Jack and Pineapple Chunk. Was using 3/4 tsp gal of maxibloom so, I changed my feeding schedule to use maxigro instead of maxibloom till they perk up then go 50/50 throughout veg.
    This is the issue you confront when your feeding four strains from one reservoir. Much better to get things dialed in when using the same strain....

    Note the air dome in the pic....Last grow the roots were jam packed in that dome competing for the oxygen. The roots were nice and white......

    1/2 tsp maxigro per gal
    1 tsp diamond nectar
    1 tsp silica blast

    Sorry for the BA pics...GC is being stubborn for uploading images...:(

  9. Hey Cola nice set up, it looks really nice and clean in there.. I also grow using the Maxibloom Kiss formula in Coco and it is definitely the way to go. People doubt you when you say that you only use 1 or 2 parts but the results don't lie. I just wanted to chime in and let you know that my plants seem to be a little bit bigger at week 3. I'm not trying to brag or anything lol, I just think it might be because you aren't hitting them hard enough with your nutes. With my current plants, I hit them with 3/4 tsp MaxiBloom and 3/4 tsp CalMag at day 9 from sprout and experienced no nute burn whatsoever. On day 16 I gave them full strength nutes (1tsp or 7g of Maxibloom and 1 tsp CalMag) and they absolutely loved it. At one month after sprout my plants were straight beasts.. see the attached pic. Now I know that everyone's environment is different and strains differ significantly so I cannot really say that all plants are supposed to be that large at 1 month, but I see a lot of different people on here with tiny plants at 1 month so it makes me wonder if they are just scared to burn their babies.

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  10. I already had them up to 3/4 with not much difference. Got them on 1/2 maxigro for the boost in N and a tad of cal/mag right now.
    They just got transplanted so will give them a few days to settle into their new condo before I go the all maxibloom regime...Thanks for the tip man....;)
  11. Yea they sure look hungry...I Upped the nutes to 1/2 maxigrow and 1/4 maxibloom to get the ladys a kicking. GH feeding schedule recommends 3/4 tsp (700-900 ppm) at this stage of grow.
    MY EC is 1.5/795 PPM which seems a little high and PH @ 5.8. Will probably go back to around 1.2 EC/600 PPM if I don't botch up the root developing first...

    I'm seeing some tip burning and yellowing of the lower leaves on the pineapple. All the plants are standing tall except the trinity kush, which has droopy leaves, a possible sign of to much N....

    When I transplanted, the root system was minimal as compared to prev grows and think they need a lighter feeding of N and more PK with some vitamin B to develop the roots, then worry about greening the plants up....

    Think from now on I will start my seeds as usuall in peat base, where I know what I'm doing....:rolleyes:

    All comments gladly accepted....:hello:

  12. Anytime man.. I didn't realize that you just transplanted so that definitely makes sense. You said that next time you're going to start in a peat base like usual .. have you ever tried just straight coco? Or is that also considered a peat base?
  13. ^^ Used coco for the first time to start seeds this grow. I usually start in peat base and transplant to coco....
    Did a low nute flush this morning and changed the res out to 650ppm with maxibloom, diamond nectar and bi vitamin. I hope the xtra PK and low N get my roots going.

    Just riding it out for a few days and hoping for some results....
  14. i didnt like maxibloom in veg

    now flowering is a different story

    i just started using Canna coco a/b and rhizotonic on my veg about a week ago and their f***** lovin it
  15. Now you tell me tth...:(...
    Gonna stick with the mbloom for awhile and see if I can get some roots going then I can up the feeding. There growing but, slowly is all I can say and havn't had enough time since the new schedule to see results...
    Havn't had a problem like this with seedlings in many moons....Wonder if it has anything to do with those tube freebies....:rolleyes:
  16. Love the set up. I am going to be doing just about the same thing as you. My question is on the air domes your running. Do you run them like the instructions say which is to only run during daylight period or do you run them 24/7? I really don't see why they would say to only run them during the light on hours.
  17. I read that also....Been running most of the time non stop...When I harvested last grow the dome was packed with nice healthy white roots and seems their was no problem....;)
    I use a 1" plus layer of hydroton surrounding the dome...

    This is the best price you will find. They don't sell the domes, but...Hydroponic Systems - Hydroponics
    If had it to do over I would I would get the singles for the larger pots....
  18. Thanks for the info. Once I get my grow going I'll start a journal. I will be using 2 single auto pots connected to 1 25 gallon rez, growing kiss method. Will be nice to watch and learn from your grow.
  19. Transplanted from autopots to a peat/coir blend with ph @6.1 because each strain requires a different diet.
    The Trinity Kush has started to explode but, looking a little over fed. Will cut back to 1/2 mbloom and give her a mild nute flush and continue with full strength for the rest.....
  20. That trinity kush looks just like my pre-98 bubba i have. I don't see any tip burn just some past camg issues. If its anything like the bubba i have it will always be the darkest green in the garden and will have the leaves growing from a really dense top. Anyway things are looking good!! how much longer will you veg for?

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