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  1. A cola is pretty much abunch of buds grown into eachother right. Its not gonna be 1 giant bud right after i trim it its gonna break up into abunch of buds right...
  2. They're basically the top on your plants when they flower. If you do not prune a plant (top it) so it will have several bud sites instead of one, you'll end up with a plant that flowers and produces a "main cola" which is one big fat bud on top. We generally prune them while they are going through veg so when they flower, you get several bud sites instead of the main 1. But yes, if I understand your question correctly, the cola or any cola, is just a bunch of buds that develop out to look like one solid bud but are actually all those little buds grown close together and you can cut one down into lots of smaller pieces. Does that make sense? LOL Hope so. TWW
  3. Yea im just looking at my plant n seeing all these buds growing into eachother.. But i didnt top n really i cant tell which 1 is the main cola on my dwc they all look like hefty colas... My dirt 1 yea irs diff 1 cola grew up in the center. But yea.. It pretty much was a observation i just made.. Im just hoping all my budsites grow intoeachother on the cola to make 1 big bud

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