Coked-up Cops Asset forfeiture run wild.

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    Whats the difference between these cops and any thief robber? 
    P.S. I'm relieved I can post a new thread again. 

  2. Are you addicted to posting threads?  It seems like it.  
  3. I teach political science and am going to graduate school for political science. So this is both my career and hobby. Its literally my job to stay up to date and when I see something interesting I like to post it here. 
  4. Good to see you can post again. Asset forfeuture laws are fucked up. They were first brought to my attention from "Mad as hell"(i think as its been decades) by A. Russo. He showed how those laws give cops a very bad incentive to make drug cases.

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  5. Bullshit cops. Crooked cops everywhere.
    That's awesome.
  7. [quote name="garrison68" post="19375327" timestamp="1390247184"]Are you addicted to posting threads? It seems like it. [/quote] you have almost 2x as many post garrison68bat mobile
  8. I have been here for five years two months, he's been here for two years and four months. I've averaged approximately six posts a day, while he posts an average of about eight times a day - but a large percentage of that is his own threads, many of which seem redundant and unnecessary.
    Why couldnt you?
  10. I have no idea. Sometimes when I post a new thread or even a new post it will a just refuse to post, or b, take me to the grasscity forum home page and not actually post my post. Its very annoying sometimes I lose entire paragraphs that I had written. I have a fast internet connection and never have this problem with any other sites. This last time it wouldn't let me post anything, I thought I may have been banned. 
    You're getting NSA'd.
  12. Hey, as long as he aint constantly posting about palestine and israel I dont mind at all. :smoke:
  13. Yeah, you have a point there, that particular issue is one that I usually stay away from.

    I was mostly trying to ascertain why there's a concern about a cap on new threads/topics.
  14. Should have known this was in my home state, we got all the embarrassing stories.

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