Discussion in 'General' started by RQskater6, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. I didn't really try it today but i did like 5 numbys and smoked like 3 primo bowls i was pretty fucked up for awhile, and was geeking pretty hard, it was my first time doing it and it made smoking pot interesting! :) heh
  2. i like the teeth numbing stuff...
  3. coke is * looks for derogitory word that rhymes with coke*........................................a joke. fuck that shit.
  4. yeah be careful that is something that has the potential to ruin your life and not be very fun at all

  5. ??? huh???
  6. haha. web site, bin laden thing, all in alla very funnt thread when baked, but i woudl disagree with coke being the worst drug. Heroin is def the shittiest drug, it just makes you depressed and feel anxoiuse, i hated it....and i think snorting coke mixes is fun....iv snorted blue mysitc which is fun and that has ulota coke, you can tripp situation when you nsort shit wiht coke and acid, its crazy shit. shrooms are the best harddrug and heropin is the worst, hands down
  7. He's Got Coke
    by Rob Paravonian

    I love her,
    But she's in love with another man
    I've seen him,
    And I must say I don't understand why
    She would pick
    A man like him instead of me
    And I think that there's only one thing it could be

    He's got coke
    So he gets the girl.
    There's nothing I can do or say
    I can offer her a heart that's warm
    But my love won't take powdered form,
    So she won't give me the time of day.

    It's been hard,
    To see my girl with such a thug
    When I can't
    Even get a friendly hug
    I'll never win
    I guess I must make that admission
    All the charm in the world
    Is no match for a chemical addiction.

    He's got coke
    So he gets the girl.
    And that's the way it's gonna be
    She doesn't care who I am,
    ‘Cause she measures love by the gram
    And that's why she'll never fall for me.

    I thought I needed charm, and good looks, and strength of character
    All those women's magazines told me so.
    But none of that crap got me any closer to winning her
    ‘Cause I really needed was some blow. You know? You know that's all I need, ‘cause she's a

    Horrible judge, to this character she always flocks
    I'll never get her to break free from her skinny box
    He's got the key to the pleasure centers of her brain,
    That's why he has got my lover so well trained

    He's got coke
    So he gets the girl.
    But I still think that I can win in time.

    ‘Cause if I ever get the cash,
    I'm gonna buy myself a major stash
    And then her love will be inspired,
    And she'll never get tired
    As long as I always keep her wired
    She'll be mine.

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