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  1. yeh coke
    good thing, bad thing?
    never tried it, couple a friends tryin it, wonderin if I should, hate the idea of sniffin somthin up in my nose, but i've heard its not that bad for ya aslong as u only do it once, and isnt that addictive.

    checked erowid, but like to get real life experiances etc better

    thx ;D
  2. A LOT of people will tell you what they truely think about coke, dont get messed with it. Coke, Ive done..and enjoyed it tremendously. I dont think it is addictive, but everyone is different...ive smoked cigarettes at one point and stopped when I got tired or bored of them..coke is the same way with me..I can turn it off or on, right now, I cant concieve of doing it, but down the line, im sure ill do a few..coke is just a rush, I like to drink, A LOT, so its fun for me when we go out and drink and shit, ill do a few lines, and just drink REALLY FAST and a lot more than I think I am or thought that I would. the next day im always like what the fuck, and asking why, but buy the time I straighten out from all the booze, im okay with things and just go on with sleeping. its not good for you, I mean, your heart may explode, or so Ive thought many times, and try not to eat stackers, especially stacker 3s. youll never stop drinking if you are. and *that come down isnt fun. but, whatever you decide, just be sure you know all about it before diving in. for some reason I like to distort myself with white lines then go bowling. REALLY FAST BOWLING.
  3. Make sure you KNOW YOUR SOURCE! Because if not, you won't know if its cut, what it is cut with, or how pure it is.. Be sure to know how pure it is so you can judge how much to do. Start out with a line, you'll feel effects probably within seconds. If its not very intense for you do another line.. etc, etc.. But have fun.. coke is alright to do once in a while.. a long while that is..

  4. oh yeah good call punkw....thats another factor..for a while, I had these "friends" that would do the cutting in front of me (at a friends house) but we got a taste of the pure, so I kind of knew what to expect, and knew what was cut really bad, or too much, which will happen..
    be sure of your source, if you can, if not, than what you get (cause if you dont know really, you may here the same old 'yeah its good shit' shit) just judge it for what it is. I mean its gonna be cut, but sometimes it gets cut, then cut and assholes cut it again and then the fuckers that will cut it again, itll happen, youll fell a 5 min buzz, residing for 20min piss you off enough to drink yourself enough to call that idiot back and get more. dont do it. just try to know a source, decent, reliable.
  5. yea if you take that first line and your throat gets numb pretty quick.. then you know you got you some decient shit..

    also take it slow and enjoy it.. alot of people i know get all fucking wired out of their brain, they take a line and start babling about nothing.. then 5 seconds later, go strait for the stuff and start to get another line ready.. just take it easy, stretch it out, and have fun with it.. drinking alcohol helps too but dont over do the alcohol because, once the coke wears off and youve been drinking alot.. BAM you are drunk!

    one good thing about coke is, if your all drunk and falling over and shit.. take a line and you will sober up pretty good :)
  6. I like coke. I don't do it fact, it's been a while since I have. Actually, I guess I kind of love it but one has to do it in moderation or else they will get hooked on it. I know a lot of people addicted to's plentiful around here. I could call 10 different people right now and get hooked up by each of them within 30 minutes. I have never craved it (seriously craved it, like "I have to have it NOW!) and that may be because I lack the addictive personality that people who get addicted to it have.

    I see nothing wrong with trying it. Just make sure it's chopped up powder fine. It sucks to snort little chunks up your nose. Do short lines, too, since you aren't used to it. Sometimes it's hard to take a long line when you do it the first time. I chatter my teeth when I'm coked up so don't freak if you do that. You also will develop the "sniffles" a little bit but that's normal when anything goes up your nose.

    Have fun and if you don't like it...don't do it again.

    *Sensi, I've done it before bowling, too. My best scores have come from snowy nights.*
  7. yes RMJL is right.. chop that stuff up real good.. little rocks suck.

    and is it just me or is that strong numbing chemical taste just awsome or what? :)
  8. i think ur dumb if ur doin coke....

    in all honesty, think about how ur getting the drug in ur body...

    ur snorting it...thats like...fuckin durty....why dont u just stab some heroin while ur at it....

    and do u wanna feel all gay and upity upity anyways?

    puts wholes in ur brain....fucks with ur system...makes hearts explode...puts u behind bars hardcore...just not anything to mess around with.

  9. IMHO the goode part of it does'nt last long e'nuff. Even with the quality shit I only ever got at tops a 30 min. buzz, then usually devolved into a speed grind. Which makes you think "hey let's have some more!" Which brings the speed grind back even more. I always wished they made the kind that one blast would last for hours. That numb, pumped up, you're bullets are useless against me, type feeling.
  10. yup i like the shit and if i wanted to i too could get it in 30 mins. actually more like 2, i could walk into my living room and make myself a line right now, cuz my roomate is hooked on the shit right now. in fact i think i might actually do it. i did 2 lins just now and im feelin gret. well jiust dont drink lots o when you coming down cuz i usually get mad and when i get drunk i usually get mad and shit. but if i didnt drink i woudl do more, so its good i drink with it. good thing i dont get mad at people when im coming down i just kepp it in my head. good day im high and drunkk and coked out man i feel goood.

  11. if your buying coke in u.s.a. its going to be already cut and re-bricked before it reachs the states. Pure coke is almost impossible to find and would be astronomically expensive..... don't get me wrong, you can get some serious shit but usually its already been cut and re- bricked at least once in order to get maximum value for it.....

    Oh yea... and i do it once and a while, only while drinking though....

  12. you can inhale it too..... gets you nice and mangled.... you get a serious glow if you inhale it.....

  13. lol me too :)

    heres some advice for you too, keep this in mind! or you will learn the hard! way, when you cut lines up, whatever they are on, (cd case, mirror) make sure you dont blow out (to get ready to snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniff it in) around the coke! I dunno how many times Ive done this, blowing coke everywhere before I conciously remember to exhale away from it!
  14. never tried it and doubt i ever will. i just dont lke the thought of somethin going up my nose. plus, i prefer natural stuff (i.e. ganj and salvia). couldnt right now if i wanted to 'cause my nose is all plugged up.;)
  15. I would rather stick to the buds myself. I mean being coked up is alright but it is damn expensive. You can spend a whole check just for one night of it. Too damn expensive. I only do it if it is for free and if I trust the seller and person who has it.
    It is not addicting at all, but one thing is for sure it makes me want to fuck while being geeked up. Oh and another thing women are more prone to it. I know and met women who will screw you for a few lines. As far as smoking it, i never done it and never will. If you do it, snort it.
  16. Stick to snorting it if you decide to do it. I would never ever smoke it and I don't recommend for anyone else to do it either. It sucks people's lives down the drain before they even realize that it's happening. Snort it or don't do it at all.
  17. man dont do it dude, just stick the the herbal

    i mean i tried it a few times and all and yeah its kinda cool but just not my thing i guess, id rather be mellow and stuff.

    its kinda funky tasting =p
  18. I love a nice "premo"..
  19. i havent done it because i heard that it hurts and stings your nose when you do it. i am sure i will eventually try it though!
  20. ohh when i said 'inhale it' i didn't mean smoking... i meant lay out a small line and actually inhaling

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