coke??? stash box???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lman_15, May 17, 2004.

  1. could u grow in an empty 12 pack of coke??? would it work??? i was think of using cfl's... and what could i use as a good stash box???
  2. LOL sorry just cheered my day up cheers man.........laters
  3. ummm no. what i would do if i were you is for the first weeks or maybe month get one of those camping space blanket things, a fish tank or box, a fluro light. put the plants in the fish tank/box, put the light on it, cover it with the space blanket. then cover the space blanket with something like a blanket. I would put this in a closet or something.

    just some advice, cuz your idea would have been really funny to see, let alone see your mom look at it...a lit up 12 pack overflowing with mj leaves, a little cord sticking have a nice day.
  4. lmao i just thought of what my mom would look like.... yea but i need a small stealth grow... perfurably using cfl's..... and nothing ova 14 inchs high 8-9inchs wide any idea's???
  5. you know you cannot just tell the plant how tall it will get. They get pretty high, hihgher that a foot. just put it in your closet dude, if you have one...
  6. yea i got a walk in closet great 4 growing but i ain't got a lock on ma door and also i live wit ma mom........ so i will need a stealth grow any ideas???
  7.'re empty 12 pack of coke idea really cheered me up. It kinda made me start thinking.

    First I'll drink a 40.... Even though I have some empty ones in the trash, it'll be more fun to drink another one. Then I'll smoke a bong load for insipration. And later on I'll head to the shop.

    I'll drill a few small holes in the twist on cap for the 40. Then I'll flip it upside down and put several one inch holes in the bottom.

    Germinate some bagseeds, fill up the 40 with dirt and plant one in the bottom in one of the one inch holes. (So the 40 is basically sitting upside down on it's cap).

    When watered the few one inch holes would allow water into the soil, and the hole in the cap would allow for drainage....

    .....Some people grow lowryder in solo cups, but I like shorty forty grow idea better. :D

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