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Discussion in 'General' started by Lexi, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Can I get some suggestions of which pipe to buy from this site for the cracked folks like me?:cool:
    Thanks for any help/suggestions- much appreciated.:rolleyes:
  2. Angry? No coke around?:eek:
  3. haha he was prolly laughin about the cracked folks part.

    Go to a gas station and ask for a glass rose I think its called. Its a little fake rose in a glass tube with corks on each end. Just take off the corks, put in the steelwool(or whatever its really called) and there you go.

    EDIT: I just seen you wanted one from this site, Im not sure they sell em. The ones I mentioned above will break easy, but theyre cheap. Or get a tire pressure gauge, but the head off and clean the inside real good.
  4. I was looking to replace my tire guage. They stopped selling glass encased roses- prohibited now- New thing is glass pens- but not sold in my area- Trying to surf the web but not going so well- Thanks for your input- ;)
  5. goto the bad part of town, they usually sell em there, or just look around, they gotta be somewhere. at gas stations, they call em Stem Rose i think. and u need to get "Chore Boy"
  6. wtf......

    car antenna????

  7. I one hitter would work good, so would a chillum. Theres your solution:smoke:
  8. if you were serious about smoking crack youd invest in a glass on glass bong...

    cant beat those creamy bongs full of crack..

  9. Hmm... smoke more weed?
  10. Ive never understood why people use weird ass shit for crack? Why cant you just use a regular glass spoon? Its the same idea. Oh yeah crack head are poor:p
  11. I do want a glass one- not huge- Pipes for sale don't give measurement specs so kind of hard to deicde.
    **1 one hitter would work good, so would a chillum.**
    Can you direct me to where you think they may be located? thanks
  12. my one hitter was my friends old crack pipe, but i taught him how to make real crack pipes and he gave me the one hitter, its only for weed now lol but i have 3 crack pipes all with chore boy, i have a tire gauge, only bad thing is u gotta wash it realll reall good, i have a full in tact glass "rose stem" pipe, and the end of those LONG ass torch lighters that i broke off and made into a crack pipe. works well. But just got steal a glass stem there the best. I would prefer that over a normal pipe neday newas
  13. The rose things you are talking about are called Love Roses, they just made an article about them in the local paper, when I went to the deli where I usually get Dutches and Wraps from I seen them their, before the article I had no idea they even existed

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