coke or pepsi

Discussion in 'General' started by smoketheherb, Aug 26, 2003.


which one tastes better to you

  1. coke

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  2. pepsi

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  3. RC cola

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  1. coke or pepsi
  2. I don't like Pepsi. It's too sweet.

    I like coke...with peanuts. :D

    ***edit* That's what it should be...coke with peanuts in it already!!!!!

  3. Topic turner...the poll has to do with coke or pepsi! Which one is it? You can't just come in here and say "strawberry or orange soda"...there's a penalty somewhere for that.

    Pick one, Shade!

  5. :D Someone sure is enthusiastic about their Pepsi cola! :p
  6. pepsi for sure.

    what are you talkin bout rmjl?!? Coke is soooooooooooooo sweet. i cant stand it. it makes my teeth sticky, and fills my throat with phlegm.

    ewwwwwww.... coke is bad news!!! Pepsi is goood!

    when you are REALLY stoned, pepsi twist is rad. its all confusing and wierdooOooOooOOOoOOOOooOOOoOOoo...

  7. I come from three generations of Pepsi drinking mom goes crazy without it (it's like an addiction to her), and my two aunts who live in California actually brought a trunk full of Pepsi when they came to PA for my grandfather's funeral...they didn't know they could buy it here too :D

    My grandma keeps two 2L bottles in her house at all times :D

    Coke is just nasssssty!
  8. People who like Pepsi really like Pepsi! :)

    I was that way with Surge. If I could have Surge right now, my life would be complete.
  9. Both.

    I used to like Pepsi a little better, now I think I'm leaning a little towards Coke.

  10. What ever happened to Surge anyway?
  11. coca cola, in a glass bottle, straight from the fridge at plus 4'C. pop that cap and guzzle down. mmmmmmmmmmm

    almost as good as beer. almost.
  12. Coke from glass bottles are definetly nice, better flavour, and feel original.
  13. Coke from the little glass bottle is the best cola experience you can have. I like them at about 38* F.
  14. Royal Crown Cola for me... I have to be different!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. coke......i likes the yayo.....

    i like pepsi products better though...
  16. that loves Diet-Pepsi ??

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  17. Diet sodas taste nasssssty. I'll take cherry coke over everything any day.
  18. Pepsi. Its fizzy-er.
  19. Not many people like RC eh?
  20. Coca-Cola Classic is always the one, whenever there is fun theres always Coca-Cola

    duh duh duh duh duh da Always Coca-Cola.

    PS: My kitchen is a shrine to Coca-Cola, old Coke ads in the whole kitchen.

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