Coke (not the soda), Anyone have any experience?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, May 25, 2004.

  1. I hate this computer..... it's always trying to mess something up.... and it's being a very bad pc right now. Anyhow, time to start retyping...

    So I did coke for the first time on Saturday morning, at about 6:30am. I thought it was nice, and not quite what it's made out to be (especially in movies).... It didn't make me want to do anything I normally wouldn't do, and didn't turn me into a crazed nut or anything like that. Is coke supposed to make you hallucinate? Because I didn't see anything that wasn't there, I don't think...
    I felt calm, and quite euphoric really (didn't think I'd get that from, I was watching the birds playing around in the trees and I was just lounging around. I did two lines, about 2" in length, and 1/4" wide. I felt it taking effect immediately, my throat went numb, and my nose felt like I just inhaled something through, and was running a little. The music I was listening to, I enjoyed more than usual.
    I can't say it has any taste or anything to it, but I keep trying to remember what it was like when I felt it in my throat, I keep thinking it had a "taste/smell" of some sort..... I can't figure out what I kept thinking it's "taste" was, if it had any I don't know. heh, I guess it didn't have one if I didn't know and couldn't remember.
    I did enjoy it, and I don't see how doing it only once can affect you much.... I don't have any urge to go get more, and in fact could care less if i ever do it again. I would like to do it again someday (on a very special day/s), but I wont do it all the time unless I'm down shit on my luck and just can't get through, or just honestly don't care anymore. But until the day of my downfall, I'm not going to do it at all (or only once every couple years at most).

    I liked the high, and with it being cocaine and how the 70's were really into it, made it that much more enjoyable. I don't see much of a problem with it's use, as long as it's not to a point where the body needs it, and as long as you don't have an addictive personality, and also don't take it when you feel like you want it. Anyway, I'm pleased much more with weed, and coke would only be a VERY rarely used drug.
  2. Oh, I smoked a couple bowls before I did the lines, and then one after... It just seemed like the coke was taking away from my weed high...
  3. smokin a few bowls, then doin a few lines of coke, then smokin another bowl, is kind of pointless. they counteract each other. and also the first time you do coke won't be nearly as good as the third time you do it. it gets better each time. it's a lot of fun, i love coke, but i havn't done it in a long time. it's really addictvie. have fun but be careful.
  4. Ah okay, I thought that's what was happening... thanks
  5. theres nothing contradictive with smoking marijuana and insufflating cocaine. the only contradiction would be with alcohol, if you're drunk then doa line, the effects of the line aregreatly reduced, if you start with a line then begin drinking, then the effects of the alcohol would be greatly reduced. Weed has no effect (good or bad) on the outcome of a coke high, theyre two completely seperate parts of the brain which are activiated by these drugs.

    No cocaine isn't supposed to, and wont make you, hallucinate, its a stimulant only. After binging on it for a long period of time you can theoretically have whats similar to a speed psychosis, where you're body, having been drained of its epinephrine will go into a paranoid delerious state very similar to that of paranoid schizophrenia, the onl difference is that this state is temporary and can be reversed gradually after the user gets enough sleep, food and time to recoup.

    On the spectrum/continuum of drug action ("drugs & alcohol" by Jones, Shainberg & byer. Pg. 21-23) cocaine is listed as a relatively mild stimulant among its various illegal counterparts such as amphetamines, and just slightly above the stimulation of hallucinogens (for example cocaine is listed in this table as being about four times more stimulating than the "hallucinogen" marijuana, comparatively, cocaine's stimulant properties are in turn only about one quarter of the intensity of amphetamine stimulation). Various other intense hallucinogenic substances can be derived from the basic structures out of the piperidine family which is what cocaine is a part of, hence it sometimes being listed as a hallucinogen.

    For the most part, the effects of cocaine are basic stimulation of the central nervous system from the cerebral cortex downward to the brain stem... the most noted effects are a heightened alertness/wakefulness, a super sense of well being and euphoria including talkativeness and increased need for activity. Reaction time is decreased (thats good) and the users respiration increases dramaticaly with noticeably fuller and deeper breaths. The recreational effects of cocaine are very short lasting, which is not very common with most other stimulants, usually fading away after only a good 20-40 minutes, with residual effects (i.e. wakefulness) hanging around a shiort time after, eventually leading to a state of depression where the user is left feeling completely opposite of how they felt while under the influence.

    Having used cocaine among most other stimulants available (legal and not) I'd have to say from personal experience cocaine is one of the more benign drugs a stimulant user could take. Its closer to having the effects of a very awesome cup of espresso rather than some mega intense scarface rush characterised by anti-drug propoganda. Compared to amphetamine salts for example, it doesn't take much research to realise how harmless of a CNS stimulant it is comparatively. The duration of the main "fun" part of the trip for coke is on average, about 30 minutes...amphetamines are give or take 3-6 hours. The addiction potential for cocaine is high, but contrary to popular belief, coke is not physically addictive in any way. The extreme urges to do more only come immediately following a coke binge when the user begins to crash, this is solely a charactaristic of mental addiction, granted cocaine has one of the strongest potentials for mental craving, theres still no physical alteration in the body as a result of its use. Amphetamines on the other hand trigger the body to begin building a tolerance after the very first use. Many people get such cravings, both mental and physical that they have a more difficult time getting off the stuff.

    Then theres the issue of price. Per dose, cocaine is fucking expensive like no other. This is due in part to its glamorous background and is one of the very few drugs Ican think of that someone would pay the amounts they do for it. Amphetamines are less than half as expensive per dose on average.

    to sum this up, coke is generally overexaggerated, overcut with impurities, extremely expensive, and extremely weak in its expected effects. Its an overhyped baby's stimulant.

    EDIT: and a rough estimate of proper dosage for effects would be about 4 "standard" lines, roughly 150-200mgs. An approximate visual amount would be a little less than one fifth of a gram....(cut your gram into 5 relatively equal amounts and then set one aside for use, then cut this single line into two, three, four smaller individual one line after the other within a span of about 5-10 minutes for best effect..or if you're equipped to do so, just measure out 200mgs of the stuff with a .01 scale. exact accuracy isn't crucial, as you'll most likely have cut coke with lots of benign a little over or under wont kill you.. but do err on the side of caution as this has the p[otential to be a powerful drug when it wants to be.)
  6. Try it, try it again, and maybe a couple more times. Enjoy it. Then don't do it anymore. Its not worth it. It IS worth experiencing though. It is addictive, but not like heroin or crack. Do it, then forget it. All it will do is drain your wallet. The high is deceiving. You think you want more, but you really don't. It makes you feel so bad (when you are coming down), that it seems the only way to stop the terrible feeling is by doing more coke. And then all you are doing is delaying the inevitable. You'll run out and be pissed off at the world and end up searching high and low for it.

    Everything in moderation. I think its alright to sample some every once in a while, but other then that its not good. Coke, crack, heroin, opium, etc will ruin your life if you do too much. Plus, if you knew half the ingredients that went into making coke, you'd probably not want to do it anyway. Snorting kerosene isn't good, correct? Well, its one of the main ingredients in coke.

    To sum it all up, just don't be stupid with it and always stay in control.
  7. have fun with the coke next time you do it, it gets better each time the first few times you do it. just know your limits
  8. Coke is the best when you are around a large group of people, but I hate the drip. :(
  9. Wow, NuBBiN thanks for all the info! I now hereby dub the "The Brain, of all brains".

    Yeah with all of what's in it, it probably isn't too "safe" for the body...
    I enjoyed the experience, so I think I might just do it a few more times (better highs/experience), then leave it at that.

  10. Is the drip the "runny" nose? For some reason I don't think it is...
  11. The "drip" is the post nasal drip. You know, when your snot drips into your throat. Its like having a runny nose except the shit isn't coming out your nostrils....its going down your throat.

    Personally, I like it.
  12. tried it. didn't like it. Probably won't do it again.
  13. Oh alright, I don't think I even noticed it...
  14. speaking of nubby...THATS ME!..

    its my birthday..May 27th....I just got home with a gram of coke to binge on tonight with my boo
  15. i've done it enough to know it's effects and really i enjoy the high off of bud more. i guess it's alright once in a while, but it just doesn't matter to me really. be careful with that stuff;)!!

    Happy Birthday Nubbin!! i bet you're havin an awesome day!!!
  16. becareful, the only thing it did for me was give me a break during alergy season. i did it pretty much everyday for a year, it was great at first, but a lot of things went to shit during that year. it took me atleast a month of not being around anyone who did it to kick the habbit. they way you describe your first bump, sounds like how i felt about it. i really wasnt impressed. i ended up running into some higher quality coke and it was a very different enjoyable exp, this was maybe by the 3rd time i did it. from that point on, i guess i got weak. i havent done it for 5 years and most likely will never touch it again since i dont like it, but it appears my body does :)
  17. One tip

    Dont do it it just proves the point that weed is a gateway drug i dont do anything but weed and alcohol and every once in a while ill use a cig to top off the pot high but i dont smoke cigs regularly besides coke is bad for you im totally antidrugs except for pot alcohol and (cigs once in a while(

  18. ahh but alas, weed isn't the gateway drug..Big Macs from Mcdonalds were my first sinful indulgence...
  19. Happy birthday!

    It's not a drug I'd want to do very often, but it's nice though. I wouldn't think that by my (or anyones) use (first time btw) of coke, that it'd be condemning weed as a gateway drug. Propoganda, and what the gov wants to say, it'll say... People will believe it.
    What people hear and see, are two things contradicting each other in the war on drugs. They hear a lie, and see the truth.

    Yes... I love Mcdonalds! Someday, I'm going to build one right into my kitchen, with 24/7 workers. I'd get big fast on the bigmac diet....especially at 50 per day!
    Ugh, now I'm hungry... But I'm not traveling 15mi just for a couple burgers

  20. I understand what compelled you to say this, but alas, it's the wrong way to go about the problem. The problem is not that he used weed as a gateway drug.

    Gateway theory: People try pot, then want to do something harder after they try it.
    Real life: People want to try a bunch of drugs, and pot's the easiest one to start with (with the possible exception of alcohol). Most people don't want to try anything but pot. A smaller number want to try pot and a few other drugs. A very small number want to fuck themselves up any way they can.

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