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Discussion in 'General' started by 420skils, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. how much coke should i do for my first time? if anyone has done it before advice welcome
  2. i dont do coke but i will smoke dirty blunts all day that should be a way to start coke
  3. you can look in my thread called "Question about cocaine" in Pandora's Box.
    Its has lots of information good for a coke newbie.

  4. i heard that stuffs like snorting glass.... ouch...can't imagine that to be pleasurable....
  5. be carefull could be dangerous.or fatal.smoke the weed!!!!!!!
    better for you. ive done it many times dont see the point now that im older!!!!

  6. Do an 8 ball all by yourself. Teehee. Really though. Ew. Coke. In general, if a drug can't be smoked (for full/wanted effects), and can't be eaten, I stay away from it.
  7. first time i did coke i did a lil less than a gram, for your first time thatll defintally get you feelin good but its defintally not enough to fuck you up or give you a heart attack (unless you allready got heart problems)
  8. it depends on how pure it is. it can be really cut up, youre gonna need more to feel it if its not pretty decent stuff. I dunno what you plan on im not sure if your getting 20 bags, 40s or more..I suggest doing it with someone whos done it before if you really have questions about it. If not, just whatever the bag, cut up some lines, and dont go crazy with them until you can gauge how speedy youll be feeling.
  9. If you wanna do real coke go to Italy or Columbia, make some good friends, you'll get it like fucking pure rocky coke still chrystals, mmmm

    Coca mang, the white stuff
  10. the first time i did it and also the last, i split 2 grams with 3 people and that was plenty. But beware as soon as its gone your gunna want more. so there isnt really a good amount to do. No matter what its not enough. Thats why i dont do it, my additive personality and coke just dont mix well.
  11. You guys are crazy...
  12. UMMM NO, If you look like some stupid ass tourist by yourself yes your ass will be kidnapped and killed. I was there wearing a silver necklace, silver bracelet, and silver watch plus nice clothes. But its all about the people you know thats what I was saying, nobody can just go to Columbia and ask "hey where do I buy coke". You have to have contacts their in the first place

  13. .......dude, a lot of non smokers say that about pot, like how it will fuck you up n put things down if you havent tried it, and i really want to put stuff down......brb
  14. the first time i did coke (and only) was after i drank about 3 beers, then i drank 2 more after i bumped the coke, then i smoked 2 fatass joints...... needless to say i puked everywhere and passed out.... dont mix coke with alco or jus to be safe anythin for ur first time.

  15. dude.... it must have been the budd.....

    because coke and alcohol go togeather like peanut butter and jelly.....

    thats what it is, a social drinking drug, thuis making it so popular....that and its out of your system rather quick.... the yays keeps the party goin.....even if you can't....

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