Coke is overrated

Discussion in 'General' started by AggieSmoker, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. I tried coke for the first time friday night and in my opion it is way overrated. The high is a lot of fun but all that crap about getting addicted really easy is crap. I did a lot friday night and after that had no real urge to do it again. I think there is way more hype around coke than there needs to be. I can see how it would be dangerous to keeping blowing lines to try and get a better high but after you come down, you dont really have a strong urge like you need it or anything. Seems like a once a month type thing to me.

  2. yeah but dont forget you dont just get addicted like snap, its take a few goes at something by then ur sure ur not and that u just want to do it for shits and gigles
  3. keep in mind Coke isn't a physically addictive substance...its all mental, once you've jumped the hurdle of having the subsequent mental cravings to do it again immediately after its worn off then you should be fine, seeing as your body wont be constantly badgering you to do more and more, like other drugs tend to do...

    also, theres a wide range of quality when it comes to drugs like person may try shitty cut coke their first time, another may get genuine flake...these two therefor could have quite different reactions to the substance.
  4. i did blow and like 30 minutes after till the next week all i could think about was doing more! i didnt but i can see how it can be evil!
  5. i liked coke but i thought lots of other things were over rated. dxm, heroin, crack are all very very over rated. WOW SUCH A GREAT HIGH! not really.....

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