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Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeLemenT, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys I'm gettin a little bit of coke tonight. first time. going to do 1-2 lines and i just wanted to know...

    1. Is it hard to act straight (in front of an authoratative figure) when on it?
    2. what happens to your eyes? (will eye drops work) if anything does?

    thats it. thanks alot guys
  2. No - it won't be hard to act normal, it'll probably be easier cuz you'll have plenty of confidence and you'll be nice and euphoric. I can't remember if on coke your pupils dilate or become real small - but I don't think it's anything extreme like if your tripping balls and they are like humongous black holes haha.

    Have fun:cool:
  3. No its not hard to act sraight your pupils dilate depending on how good the coke is

    your first time only do alittle tiny bump see how you feel if your ok then do a line just to be safe dotn freak out your first time just be really calm and dont move around alot
  4. thanks alot guys
  5. yeah make sure to break it up real good use a credit card or something dont want to be snorting rocks lol
  6. In my experience, my pupils always got HUGE AS FUCK! So, that kinda fucks up the being straight in front of certain people. Enjoy that shit, just understand the power of addiction, and everything's gravy.
  7. How long does a high last on coke?
  8. peak is 20-30 mins effects can last up to 2 hours

    SWIM is thinking about getting a 20 of white tonight idk yet
  9. for me i would tweak for about 10 min. at the most off a line of good shit. but thats just me and thats also when i did yay every couple of days for 6 months. for acting different and stuff, i've always been pretty quiet and prefer just to not talk alot and shit, and when i'd be at my house with my parents they could easily tell if i was tweakin just cuz i'd be talking alot and acting ALOT different, but yea thats just my personality. enjoy the coke
  10. I tried coke a few times, and you may think you act normal, but others can see that you are somewhat different. If the authorative figures are police officers, they're known to spot these things.
  11. it's very easy to act normal, just don't talk to much haha.. it might sounds stupid but you will know what i mean. Nobody will suspect it trust me I used to do it off the toilet in high school between classes all the time. Your eyes won't get super dilated or small so don't worry about that, just make sure your nose is clean before confronting your parents or something coke won't really get on the outside of your nose but you might get some nasty white snot that is very incriminating or a runny nose. have fun i wish i had the money to pickup a eightball.
  12. i have blown so much money on white

    i love white but i love money more so ive been capping less of it

    and the crashes from coke can sometimes be a bitch
  13. you'll be more on point than normal...

    most drugs make you sloppy,

    but be careful with that nonesense, shits crazy.
  14. I've been in quite a few situations where people reveal to me they are on coke and I had no idea.
  15. My pupils get HUGE when I do it, but other that, and oh yea the constant sniffling, you're straight :p

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