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Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Alright, well I tried coke for the first time last night. Didn't do a lot, like 1.5 pretty small lines (like .75 of a line at a time). It was fun, and I got a taste for what cokes like, but tonight I'm probably gonna buy half a gram (sorry I don't know coke slang) so I don't have to rely on other people giving me bumps.

    With my experience last night, I had a minor comedown, but it was so insignificant it wasn't even a negitive experience, and more of a continuation of the high. Personally, I hate coming down off stimulants. Dexamphetamine and E are the two I have in mind...they just suck. Anyway, I know people fiend for more coke when there coming down, which makes the comedown harder when it eventually comes.

    But I was thinking, what if I waited like an hour in between rails. By then would the comedown be pretty much over? And if I waited for the comedown to end before railing more, would that mean the comedown wouldn't build up, so insted of having one big one I'd have a few less shitty ones? Because I'd rather make my coke last and not have to go through hell...that just makes more sense to me.

    So does this sound like a reasonable idea? And is an hour enough for the comedown to be about done? It was kind of hard for me to tell, as I was really stoned during this whole experience as well so it was difficult to distinguish the weed from the coke at times (really good weed).

    Anyway, if anyone could provide a quick answer that would be awsome, because the merchandise will be arriving shortly and I won't be comin back to the computer.

  2. Alcohol helps a coke comedown really good. I heard benzos(xanax, valium etc.) help alot too.
  3. do the whole half gram in 5 lines spread out 5 minutes apart, finish all the lines withing 25 mins of when u started. that will u get a good ass high, in my opinion, thats what i would do. My coke comedowns are pretty harsh, but im getting used to them and i know whats going on now and its not tooo bad, but usually, a xanex, or a seroquil or a lithium tab will do fine for it. just my opinoin, and btw. i do coke about 3 or 4 times a week, 2 or 3 gs each time
  4. drinking milk is the cure for cocaine comedowns
  5. i have never done coke without smoking weed at the end. however i will say that heroin>coke.
  6. Noob question.

    Is coke addictive? I've wanted to try it like once...but I don't want to have to go through hell to only want to do it once.
  7. yes coke is addictive. however you won't get physically hooked the first time.
  8. Nothing is addictive if you don't let it become that way.

  9. That's not true at all. Opioids like Heroin get you addicted quick whether you want it to or not. When you're addicted to heroin and you don't have any in your system you'll get sick, really sick. Your body becomes physically addicted to the drug and that's what happens when you get addicted, even after a few times of usage. Methamphetamine is the most addicive of them all, even after the first try.
  10. I kinda agree with StonerMike. Things can be physically addictive...but I guess it is all in your head.

    Oh well. I guess best way to learn is first hadn experience, eh? Guess I'll just have to try it out.
  11. i remember the day after the first night i did heroin. my head was killing me. thank god for the ganj to keep me straight.
  12. I'm finna cop a half g of coke soon. I've wondered though, what is the comedown like?
  13. COCAINE is def the best drug ever!
  14. try poppin a xannie if you want to sleep while commin down off blow
  15. nah i dissagree
  16. well thats why we have opinions lol. soi know most people wouldnt agree with me

    but i LOVE cocaine, every aspect of it. lol. thats just my opnion, weed is my drug of choice, but cocaine is def my favorite drug.
  17. the only coke worth fuckin with is straight pure which isnt accessable to most and normally pricey, and i like decent trees better than bricked up coke.

    coke can only be done recreationally if you gotta be on point or are doin some wild shit, you shouldn't do yayo just cuz your bored.

    trees on the otherhand can be blazed at all times and thats whats really good.
  18. my come down isn't that bad, i just get bummed out without even noticing because i'm always bummed out... i love coke though i almost picked up a sack tonight but i didn't i'm just going to drink until wednesday when i got 320 and get a quarter pound of mids to last me a week or after i reply to a couple of threads i'm gonna hit the bottle and go downstairs on my dads work computer and work for a little get some skrilla
  19. I agree with nushaganazed. Coke is definitely one hell of a drug, the high is so fucking great. I used to do it a lot, but I was getting heavily addicted so I checked into rehab clinic so now I'm off coke and on weed!

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