Coinstar kicks ass! :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Corbrey, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So my buddy and I are FLAT broke, so we decided it would be a good thing to take all the change we have and go bring it to coinstar.

    So I call up my dealer because were also out of bud, and we only expected to get about 10$ from it all, most of it was pennies. Well we call him up and order a dime bag, then we hit up coinstar at Shaws.

    Well we ended up getting over 55$ between the two of us, I had 25$, he had 30$ in change. So we upgraded that dime to a slice. Really nice indoor KB.

    We then went and picked up a blunt wrap, and my other friend. Then we came back to my house and smoked most of the 1/8th, about 2 bowls left I would say. But god damn do I LOVE coinstar. Best way to pay for bud when your screwed on cash.
  2. coinstar sucks they take like 5-10% of the $ u put in go to the bank they give u 100% of your $
  3. ya just get a bank account, they give you 100% return. coin star exists just to exploit people to poor too maintain bank accounts and people stupid enough to give up 10%+ of their money.

    if at all possible never use a coin star, your just supporting a company the exploits people.

    but paying a dealer in 50 lbs of copper disks would be a ass hole move.
  4. Yo i use coinstar all the time too man. If you save all your change like everyweek then thats like atleast a dime. Bank accounts are cool but coinstar is really quick and conveniant when you dont have an account and need some bud.
  5. My bank counts my change for me, for free.
  6. hah the other day I cashed in some coins and ended up with like $50.

    got some cigs, some beer and some dank, fun day!
  7. Hmm... Coinstar takes 8cents per dollar. Run into a Commerce bank, they have a machine that does it for free.
  8. yeah dude, go to any bank and tell them you have an account there they will do it for free. fuck that 8% shit.
  9. Yeah, Ive used coinstar a few times, wayyy back in the day. I have a bank account now though! I keep all my shit on plastic except what I take out to buy reefer and the like with.
  10. not sure if it's still possible but there use to be a trick to avoid the fee

    something along the lines of loading your change selecting a shitty gift card for w/e then right before hitting cash out/done you unplug the phone line

    it then tries a few times to connect and cash you out as a gift card then upon failing to do so kicks back your stub without any % taken at which point you plug it back in hit up the cashier and get your cold hard cash

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