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  1. I've noticed a website with a scarily similar, but not exact copy, of GC's page layout.. Not going to post the think, but here's a thought for us to discuss- Why would you be lame enough to try to copy off another website?
  2. Would you PM the link to me, please?
  3. Yeah can you send me it also
  4. ??

    Hempress wants it because if its not affilated with GC she'll tell SJ or the likes and they'll take proper legal action.

    Dont know why you'd want it...

  5. I dont know maybe because I want to see it?
  6. OMG, Like ReAlY!?!?

  7. If you aren't going to give us the link, than this thread was pointless and should have been a PM.
  8. no link?


    *in the future, dont tease us like this, either start it as something private, or keep it public. Dont yank our chains.
  9. .....
  10. Im drunk and in a bad mood.

    Dont take it personally.

    Being sarcastic but the asshole comes out sometimes cuz im stressed.
  11. *Pete lights a steak on fire*

    mmmmmmm steak....
  12. If you would've read the entire post, you would've seen the point- It was a discussion starter, and I didn't give the link because I don't feel like being warned or banned... I rather enjoy it here at the city, and I see no reason to piss the mods off :D
  13. I did read the entire post, and the discussion starter was pretty self-explanatory. Someone would be lame enough to try to copy off another website because they're lame.
  14. ive noticed the same layout too except different colors and i just think that whoever made this site hired a company to make the layout and it happened to be the same people who made the layout for the other site, thats my theory

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