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Coin in Grinder

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Bk Buds, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. I know that putting a coin in a grinder helps collect more keif but I have a 5 piece grinder. Do I put the coin on top of the top screen with the bigger holes or the bottom screen? I figure the bottom screen would knock it into the catching area but the top screen comes in contact with more bud so idk.
  2. My grinder is a cheap one. Its got the spikes on it, with just one screen. Well, I put a coin in the collection part, and yes, there is more keif in there, microgram per microgram......but the penny also increases the surface area inside your grinder. A bunch of keif ended up sticking to my penny and then I didnt want to scrape it off and smoke it because of how dirty coins are, (seriously its gross).

    I also damaged my screen, and I barely shook it, I took it out and my weed spilled into the keif part.

    all in all, if you want your screens to last, dont do it.

    I would recommend a keif box over a grinder if you want to get more keif out of bud.
  3. Don't use a coin, you'll get more tiny plant paterial specks all in your kief. just shake tap the grinder a few times after your grind up bud.
  4. I have a five piece grinder to and I have been thinking about this and I think you should put a dime on the top screen but make sure you clean the fine with alcohol
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    i have a 5 piece spacecase and i just use the triangular scraper thing that came with it as an agitator(cant spell that word). my screen is as good as new and it collects kief at a pretty good rate.
  6. I have a 5 piece grinder and I put two pennies in my top chamber where the bud sits. The very bottom chamber has no plant material jus the very pure kief.
  7. its a five piece... he'll get much more of that 2nd level kief
  8. put your grinder in the freezer for like 20-30 minutes then grind it up with or without the coin and you will get much more kief. FREEZER

    Also i would put it on the top screen, since kief is pretty much all that will be falling from it anyway you dont really need the bottom screen to have a coin.
  9. why does a coin collect more kief, I dont get it.
  10. Just presses the weed and "agitates" it more so that more kief is put through the screen.
  11. Personally i never use a coin in my grinder, especially after it left a big ole dent in the center. Yea you do get a lot more kief/plant material in your bottom chamber by using a coin, but at the expense of damaging your screen.

    So if you still really want to put a coin in knowing you have a high probability of damaging your screen go ahead. But i would definitley not reccommend it. I have had 3 of my friends actually have their screen pop out and bascially destroy the grinder(or kief collecting ability atleast) due to them shaking a coin around. And yet they still put a coin in their new grinders :confused: beyond me lol.
  12. Can I hurt my screen by using a penny in mine?I have a small chromeium crusher
  13. Lol I didn't even know I posted in this thread.
  14. Yeah I would either just get a grinder with a keif screen or just forget about it. Think about how much shit and dirt is on the coin. Do you want to smoke that shit?
  15. Is there any possible way It can physically damage it? I have clean copper wire the diameter the size of a dime that im just going to cut thin and use in the screen.
  16. I also heard to use a coin. Mine was a single screen SharpStone grinder. At first i used a nickel and everything was fine, even with the shaking. I decided bigger was better, so i used a quarter. Lasted for a long time, but then finally knocked my screen out, now i have no screen. No coin.. no coin!
  17. No point in a coin... after you grind... aggressively tap the top of your grinder with something heavy.. get's all the keep to sift and settle.

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