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Coin As Substitute For Gauze/Screen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Philio, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. I have a simple question. Can a copper penny be used as a substitute for a screen/gauze in a pinch, or even permanently? Thank you :)
  2. Pennies got nasty grimy shit on em you don't want none of that in yo lungs

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  3. Don't recommend it. In an absolute pinch, make a tiny ball of foil and use that
  4. Rolling paper balls are what I use

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  5. How? It would cover the hole completely wouldnt it?
  6. I angle it slightly, so it leaves a small gap on one side. And thanks guys.
  7. How old is your penny? Cause they haven't been made out of a significant amount of copper in decades. If it is copper, you def shouldn't use it cause copper gives off highly toxic fumes. You're much better off using a small pebble if you're in a pinch.
  8. Have you not got tinfoil? Just use a bit of foil with some pin holes in it until you get some proper gauze
  9. Was gonna say. I'm pretty sure they arn't even all copper, theres other shit cut in there.
  10. Either use stems or just go buy some screens for $1. I wouldn't be smoking off of any coins and haven't smoked anything off foil since I was 17, not a good idea.
  11. Fuck tinfoil, use a small piece of rock. You can wash harmful shit off the rock, but tinfoil is the harmful shit in itself.
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    Why not just go find a small pebble and use that? Wash it first obviously

    EDIT: just like the good Sergeant said
  13. Use a small pebble instead or some gnarly stems that won't fall through.
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    I would definitely not do this, if you want a cheap screen use a pebble, just wash it n there ya go, its half as dirty to start with because think of how many people have touched a penny, i watched on netflix a show n this lady was addicted to eating change so imagine if you got the penny she ate

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