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  1. I've officially become a regular marijuana user.  I just bought my own stash, a quarter of the dankest purple foliage I've ever smoked, lit up and I found myself in the mood to write, so here I am.  
    The psychological benefits of weed are limitless.  Prior to smoking regularly, I was consistently plagued with depression and worry.  My mind was constantly chattering with incessant insecurities, I hated being alone, and my inner introvert would make just about every social situation as awkward as humanly possible.  On the surface, I'd always be calm, poised, and easy-going, but the daily stress that my mind insisted on putting me through was steadily wearing me down.  I was starting to push away everything that used to make me happy; My poor boyfriend had to put up with so much unsolicited moodiness over the past few months, I don't think it's possible for him to have been any sweeter.  All in all, things weren't going like I'd envisioned.  I was 22 years old, in graduate school, living in one of the nation's biggest hubs for opportunity and success and I was having the most miserable time of my life...for no reason.  When I started smoking regularly, everything turned 180.  
    Finally, my mind was silent.  I could enjoy each moment as I was living it instead of getting lost in past and future hypotheticals.  I was happy spending time alone, finding that I felt much more creative and free-spirited.  I had so much more energy to be myself.  I was confident, I could be comfortable as the center of attention, but still managed to balance it all with the usual, down-to-earth, humility of a smoker.  I was just content with being me, a feeling I hadn't felt since my early childhood. It's so good to be at peace.  
    Everyone on this planet embarks on a lifelong journey the minute they are born; we are all searching for happiness.  There's so many theories suggesting how we go about achieving it, but we already have a tangible, concrete solution right in front of us.  Weed allows you to spend less time worrying and more time living your life.  The human mind couldn't ask for anything better and there's no reason why such an extraordinary gift should be illegal for the masses to possess.  

  2. Wow that was deep 
     Welcome to site blade 
    Glad to hear cannabis is helping people through hard times.
    You Write very well make me feel dumb lol.
    Enjoy your stash and the site
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    Thanks for sharing that. I like your writing style. I'm glad that cannabis has had such a positive effect on your life. I can't help but to relate to the story because my experiences were in some ways parallel but in some respects the opposite.
    I started consuming regularly when I was about 16-17. I can't help but think age, even just a few years, really does make a difference in how you handle cannabis. A maturity thing. Anyways, I had a bit of a wild streak through high school and up until I was about 22. I subjected myself to depression from an early age, and I guess these wild years were some kind of reaction to that. I hated life, and like you wore myself out with the daily stress put on me by my mind's constant anxiety. I smoked cannabis regularly just to kind of dull my brain, fog-over reality.
    I'm from the south and a culturally homogenous town. When I turned 22, I had a nice culture shock living with some Indians whom had never been to America before. It had an interesting impact on myself, seeing how differently people see reality. Fast forward to almost a year ago now, I quit my wild lifestyle because I had enough of feeling sorry for myself. I quit using cannabis regularly, a couple times a week maybe. In fact, I haven't smoked in almost 5 months. My head is clear and my life is good. I love the plant though, I'm just not one of those people who need to use it more than every now and then.
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    :p That's why it is illegal... because it's such an extraordinary gift, which u can grow naturally, and which enables and allows for a new vision of reality; a more intimate, and less artifical and superficial, reality.
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    Thank you for sharing your story.  It's inspirational to hear that you started in a similar state of angst and that you were able to overcome it. I hope I can genuinely achieve the same results one day.  Stay smiling, my friend :) 

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