Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe

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  1. Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe

    As noted by Berkeley, we can know reality only through perception. So our theories of reality necessarily have a perceptual or observational basis. But as noted by Kant, the process of observation has substantial internal complexity; it is a relationship of subject and object with sensory (phenomenal) and cognitive (categorical) components. So reality is at once monic, because uniformly perceptual, and dualistic, because perception has two complementary aspects. Thus, the "dual aspect monism" of the CTMU. Now consider physics. Because physics is governed by the scientific method, it deals exclusively with phenomena. Thus, it effectively diverts attention away from the cognitive, categorical aspect of perceptual reality, without which neither phenomena nor scientific theories could exist. Because physics is irreducibly dualistic and takes the fundamental separation of mind and matter as axiomatic, it cannot provide us with a complete picture of reality. It can tell us only what lies outside the subjective observer, not within.
  2. How to make truth exist inside the mind...

    that is the question of most people...

    any thoughts?

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