Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

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  1. I've recently been looking into Cognitive behavioral therapy, Panic Away, and Charles Linden method to help cope with my depersonalization, anxiety and depression. Has anyone had any experience with CBT? is there somewhere on the interet where I can read a guide to use Cognitive behavioral therapy effectively? I've looked on google and I don't find any methods or ways to encorporate it into my life. Is this a method that only therapists are able to use with me ? Or can I learn it myself?
  2. Behavioral therapy is used to unlearn poor responses by punishing them and reinforcing better responses. Do more research on behavioral therapy its self and B.F. Skinner. I'm sure you could attempt it on your own, but a psychologist would be more effective in accomplishing your own cognitive behavioral goals. Behavioralism does tend to ignore the root of the problem though, so it won't get anyone over their daddy issues
  3. CBT works very well for many people. I would definitely look into it, OP.

    Here is where you can read a bit more about it.

    And no, you can not learn to do it yourself. You don't have a split mind, and therefore it's easier to overshadow some things by yourself. A trained CB therapist is taught to see those areas that are giving you the most difficulty, and to stress those areas the most. You can't do that alone.
  4. This^^. I've found that it works very well for my anxiety.
  5. used in conjunction with prozac it has worked wonders for me.
  6. Are all therapists experienced with CBT or do I have to find a special one? Do they have a certain name?

  7. You need to find a specific one. Most therapists will have some experience with CBT, but you want one that specializes in it. You will need to call and ask them.

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