Coffeeshops in Germany?????

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  1. so i have heard they have semi-legal coffeeshops in berlin, and northern germany. i have tried googling the shit out of it and cannot find the answer.

    does anyone know this to be true? thanks for any help because if the answers yes my ass is gone!:smoke:
  2. i've never heard of coffeeshops in berlin or other northern cities
    and i've never seen a coffeeshop in berlin but u can buy synthetic weed in some headshops but i'd not smoke that shit lol
  3. To answer your question, yes, and no. Now I'll go into more detail.

    I was doing some research on German marijuana laws last week, and I stumbled upon this: Germany: Cannabis Law - 420 Magazine

    To quickly summarize what they say about coffee shops, there are "quasi-coffee shops", but they keep quiet to stay in business. For ones that are legal and well-known, you'll have to go to Amsterdam. But for one in Berlin or other areas in northern Germany (Hamburg possibly, and I'm sure Schleswig-Holstein has at least one, considering their tolerance is so high for herb), you'll have to find it by word of mouth. They aren't gonna go posting that online, because they'd get shut down.

    Now, if you're only deciding on going/moving to Germany due to coffee shops, then I suggest reading the link I posted. The article isn't really that long, and it's full of info. Here's what I'd say: Even if you can't find a coffee shop, still go. Northern states tolerate anywhere from 10g to 30g (Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are 30g, Bremen and I think Berlin are 10g). What this means is, if you get caught with it and you're within that states limit, they'll just confiscate it. Sure it sucks, but it's better than the US where you go to jail for any amount. They're cops there are wicked awesome about it (I'm sure some of them smoke too). So I mean, I'd say go if you can. Worst comes to worst, you can smoke in your house. Eventually you're bound to hear about one of these "underground" coffee shops.

    Also, Germany has a great system anyway. Free education, free health care, 6-7 weeks vacation, a great political system. I'm moving there as soon as my ass is outta college. I've found tons of reasons to do so (most recently being those pot laws :p), and no reasons not to do so. Everyone I've talked to who's ever been there or lived there for any period of time says it's amazing.

    Again, check out that link, I think you'll like what you find. :)

    Anyway, hope this helped. Maybe I'll see ya there in a few years. :wave:
  4. i was there inn 87-91

    and unless things have changed,,, they frown upon weed....

    and all i seen while i was there,, was '' hash''

    no bud to be seen or found...:cool:

  5. Yes, they have. :p That article I posted above says it too. They're much cooler about it now. However, yes, there is a lot of hash there too, but that doesn't mean weed is impossible (or even difficult) to find from what I understand, and the cops don't do as much about it as they used to. Like I think that article says (or it may have been somewhere else I was reading, I forget), they've decided to spend more time on hard drugs, because they don't feel that people who smoke pot are hurting anyone. Basically, they've adopted the policy that America should adopt but never will thanks to people thinking they're better than everyone else.
  6. Yes they have it :) i was in landstuhl, germany from 80-87, then in coevorden holland from 87-89, and then in butzbach germany from 2004-2007. Back in the day it was hard to find but it was there if you knew how to ask, and now its everywhere, we would go to the quasi coffee shop befoer getting on the train and hook ourselves up. :)
  7. Hey guys, Nice post. So i have been in Munich for 2 months and seems like finding pot is almost virtually impossible .... Any help ? I heard that theres websites that you can order online and they deliver to Germany but i havent found those yet.. Any suggestions? Thanks y'all

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