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  1. is weed a depressant? if so, is it bad to drink coffee or caffinated tea (or anything caffinated) while high? mixing depressants and stimulants and all is pretty bad amirite?
  2. Pot usually has the effects of a depressant, but it actually increases the heart rate. So it's not a depressant. There isn't any danger in mixing coffee with MJ (or any caffeine in regular dose). It actually has a nice balancing effect for the wake-n-bake IMHO.
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    that made me wonder too, so if it is speeding up your heart rate and then you drink some java - you gonna hurt your heart?

    - i am curious because i had to stop doing energy drinks last summer because i started having chest pains from all that stimulant crap in those friggen things (im sure a few cups of joe doesn't compare by any means) just askin'
  4. I drink coffee on a regular basis and i have never noticed any adverse effects when mixing pot and coffee.

    I agree with lazy toker. Its fine and there is no reason to stay away from it.

  5. word, thanks for the input
  6. Dang if the tittle read: "Coffee + Weed + Starcraft 2", this would have been the greatest thread in history.. So close but yet so far :hippie:
  7. I love coffee and a joint. It's a great combo of being alert but mellow.
  8. Coffee and weed go so great together. Nothing like waking up to a piping hot cup of coffee and a jay :smoke:

  9. sorry, here:

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    did i hear him right? did he say a joint is cancerous?
  11. I've been a daily coffee drinker since I was probably 15 (20 years old currently, 21 in a couple months) and daily weed smoker since about 18. I can safely say I notice no difference when I'm high if there's caffeine involved or not. The only drug I notice it interacts with dramatically is alcohol.
  12. From my experience...

    I can't handle too much coffee on a regular day without getting the shakes, but if I drink a small amount after/with smoking... it's the perfect balance for the morning :smoke::cool:
  13. caffine causes hightened stress and anxiety. of coarse it is person and dose dependant, as well as your current state of mind, caffine has been shown to make stress worse

    so what does that mean?

    well if your like me, and crash from energy drink and trip from weed, combining the two often causes blood sugar crash and super tripping for me
  14. Before every sesh I pretty much make a heaping cup of coffee for myself

    so i'd reckon it's safe, yes. enjoyable, yes. relaxing, yes

    only drawbacks: breath, teeth staining after years and years, dependence

    drink that coffee!!:smoke:

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