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Coffee + weed = ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sweet69, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Has anyone ever had a personal experience with drinking coffee and smoking bud? i'm thinking of doing it because i don't want to knock out of the couch. I think the couch is going to kill the high because of the caffeine. Still not sure.
  2. Coffee goes great with weed.

    I love smokin a j or a bowl with a cup of coffee in the morning. Sets the day off right
  3. I drink monsters with weed, but I've never had coffee. Assuming the energy producing content in a monster Rehab is stronger than a cup of coffee, I'd say it's fine. I've never noticed any difference in my high to be honest.
  4. Drink the coffee n smoke afterwards. You'll have an energetic high which is the best in my opinion
  5. its just like any other time you drink coffee .. lol
  6. It won't affect you badly, it won't kill your high.

    MMJ patients often, instead of taking it directly under the tongue, put their tinctures and honey drops in their coffee. It mellows out the intense 'stoned' effect.

    Caffiene doesn't really affect Cannabinoids to my knowledge and I have been known to drink coffee and smoke pot during the same hour and not have any bad effects. My heart rate isn't affected any more than usual. The only problem I have is stomach problems, which have stopped since I have stopped drinking coffee all together. Other forms of Caffiene are still okay.

    If you want energy, take B12 vitamin drops under the tongue. You can get those drops at Super Supliments. One drop will give you that brightness behind the eyes and increase your focus/alertness and should counteract that couch-lock feeling, it should also counter-act some of that blood pressure/sugar drop.

    Make sure you eat and drink while you're smoking pot, too especially if it's really strong stuff, that helps a lot in being able to not 'green out' fall asleep, or be really sleepy while high if you're smoking a hybrid or an Indica, or a strong Sativa that you may not have had before.

    Pace yourself with your pot and it will treat you right. That's what I do.
  7. Coffee + bud??? I love it.
  8. il drink coffee before i get high, thanks guys!
  9. I love drinking coffee when smoking. I'd love to have a cup smoking a j but I've only been smoking bowls do to lack of weed.

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