Coffee vs Coca

Discussion in 'General' started by HYDROCAKE, May 3, 2004.


Coffee & Coca are the same plant.

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  1. The other day i was told that coffee and coca were the same plant and that is why they are both illegal to grow in most countries. I thought, this is BS, so i did some research for the truth.

    Now, what do you think/know about this?
  2. i have no scientific backup but i highly doubt that coffe beans come from a coca plant. i think that they are seperate plants and not related, but prove me wrong!
  3. lol if that were true then we wouldnt have any coffee now would we?
  4. Coffee beans either come from Arabica or Robusta.

    The cacao pod and kola nuts also contain caffeine, like the beans do.

    Your friend probably got coca and cacao mixed up.
  5. ya i think so too, i just looked at'm crazy, some ppl believe everything they hear and you cant tellm different, other types think if they havent heard it then it cant b true, but i just knew this wasnt, had to double check though.
  6. cocaine comes from coca leaves, coca leaves are from the coca plant formally called the erythroxylum coca tree... coffee comes from the roasted pit of a small berry off of a tree from the cofea genus, the more common drinking beans are from the coffea arabica, coffea robusta plants like crystals said. the coffee, coca, and cocao plants all have common reltaives and all have varying amounts of caffeine as one of several stimulating alkaloids, but all three are completely different plants
  7. I wanna know how Nubbin always knows all this stuff. I knew they were seperate plants, but not nearly that much about it.

  8. probably likes to read. When you find somethign you enjoy learning about, why bother stop at the begining when you can absorb it all.... or at least, that would be my take on things...

    when your interested in a subject your bound to know more about that, then most other things...

    Either that or ya just have a nack for looking up really good info while on the net, thus helping people out... :D

  9. Yup, I love to read everything and anything about drugs, their sources, botany, horticulture and the fact that i also like to sample many and most of the things that i read about to gain my own personal insight...and sometimes, when all else fails, i look it up...

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