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  1. Is it alright for me to get a cup full of natural coffee and pour boiling water on it and then mix in soil? I think it has nitrogen in it and I have some that I cant drink because I dont like it lol
  2. Yup thats alright. Pouring boiling water on your plants is good for the roots I heard.
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    coffee is quite "hot" - as in nutrient rich. it would be best to compost used coffee in a thermo-compost over winter.

    adding too much to your worm bin, or even too much in a bokashi compost (im pretty sure, ask WD), can start to cause some pH issues, since coffee is naturally acidic....the microbes will balance the pH out, but it will take awhile...longer than you would like. thats why it is best in a compost you over-winter.

    if you decide to give your plants coffee, dont forget to add a few teaspoons of sugar in there for carbohydrates & sweeter buds. :rolleyes: :laughing:

  4. Ah sweet. At least I haven't wasted 4 quid on coffee for nothing lol. Well instead of throwing it in the bin, i'll leave it in the garden for next years outdoor grow
  5. Some put coffee grounds straight from the pot and top dress it, it does "work" as a fertilizer but thats a good way to invite a bunch of bugs you dont want, compost =:smoke:
  6. What do you mean by top dress it?

  7. I'm curious as to what bugs top dressing would bring to the party? Loads of folks here top dress with no issues at all.

    I use a lot of coffee grounds, well mixed with other components, in my bokashi compost. It is the quickest way to break down organic material.

    The issues I was having were more due to my inability to keep the container air tight enough for the anaerobic bacteria to have fun.
  8. After its been composted I agree, but freshly used grounds (in my experience in indoor grows) I always notice a substantially larger amount of gnats, that could be the FFOF soil I'm using though, that cant be helping.

    Topdressing is when you take "fertilizer" (Cow manure, earth worm castings etc) and cover the first inch or so of soil with it, so when you water all the good nutrients and microbes leach down into the soil.

    Also I think the coffee grounds are not as acidic once they have been used to make coffee (water running through it), after that they are more basic, but not neutral
  9. I would say about 80% of my worm food is used coffee grounds no pH problems although there is dolomite lime added because it's a peat bedding.

    It's *sorta* bokashied in the sense I toss a handful of bokashi bran in the jug before the grounds get added. Also, some gets added to the bedding when I make it up. This is several weeks before the worms see it.

    Never really added it to my mix, but maybe. Un consumed coffee grounds look a lot like worm castings, so ??????


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